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  • Boston startups expand region’s venture capital footprint
    Freitag 22:58 Alex Wilhelm at TechCrunch
    This year has shaken up venture capital, turning a hot early start to 2020 into a glacial period permeated with fear during the early days of COVID-19. That ice quickly melted as venture capitalists discovered that demand for software and other services that startups provide was accelerating, pushing many young tech companies back into growth […]
  • NFL 2020: How to watch Steelers vs. Titans, Bucs vs. Raiders, RedZone and the rest of Week 7 without cable – CNET
    Freitag 22:51 Eli Blumenthal at CNET News
    You don’t need cable to watch all Week 7 action.
  • Xbox Game Pass: 14 awesome Xbox One and PC games to play right now – CNET
    Freitag 22:51 Daniel Van Boom at CNET News
    Including classics, memorable newer games and indie gems.
  • Among Us developers scramble to block massive ‘Eris Loris’ spam attack
    Freitag 22:44 Nick Statt at The Verge – All Posts
    Image: InnerSloth The developer of Among Us, a social intuition murder mystery game that’s fast become one of the most popular multiplayer titles of the year, is currently battling against a particularly pernicious spam attack. The spam is promoting a mysterious online handle, “Eris Loris,” and it became bad enough that Among Us studio InnerSloth had to perform emergency maintenance starting late last night. Hacking and other forms of cheating in Among Us has grown considerably since the game emerged as a popular online pastime during the pandemic this past summer, according to a report from K …
  • NASA astronaut Kate Rubins votes from ISS: 'If we can do it from space…' – CNET
    Freitag 22:38 Gael Fashingbauer Cooper at CNET News
    In-space votes are electronically delivered back to Earth to be officially recorded.
  • Amazon Luna hands-on: Plays great, less filling – CNET
    Freitag 22:30 Lori Grunin at CNET News
    The company’s newly hatched cloud gaming service shows promise, but faces more mature and less expensive competitors.
  • Trial of the Chicago 7 on Netflix: Where are the real-life players now? – CNET
    Freitag 22:15 Richard Trenholm at CNET News
    Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Tom Hayden and the rest. The Chicago Seven came together to protest the war in the 1960s. Here’s what happened to the characters in Aaron Sorkin’s film.
  • Where to buy refurbished products
    Freitag 22:10 Cameron Faulkner at The Verge – All Posts
    Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge Buying a refurbished device rather than one that’s brand-new can save you a ton of money. However, these products don’t usually get the spotlight from retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, or B&H Photo. You also won’t find them sitting on the homepage of Apple, Google, Nintendo, Sonos, or Olympus, to name a few. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find refurbs on these sites. First, a quick description of what “refurbished” means. If it has been refurbished, that likely means the product was either broken or roughed up enough to warrant a repair. It coul …
  • This is my favorite cycling gear for fall 2020 – CNET
    Freitag 22:10 Justin Jaffe at CNET News
    All of the gadgets, accessories, apparel and services keeping me happy in the saddle.
  • How to buy refurbished gadgets
    Freitag 22:10 Cameron Faulkner at The Verge – All Posts
    Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge Buying a refurbished tech product will save you money compared to buying it new. It also gives a device a second life instead of sending it off to be recycled. And especially during these times when demand is high for all kinds of tech, buying refurbished is sometimes the only way to get your hands on a product when retail channels are strained or just completely out of new merchandise. Those are all good things — yet “refurbished” is still a loaded word for a lot of people. New means new, a product that nobody else has used. On the other hand, buyin …
  • Best TV streaming service for cord cutters: Hulu, YouTube TV, Sling TV, and more compared – CNET
    Freitag 21:42 Ty Pendlebury at CNET News
    If you’re looking to save money on your cable bill but want to keep live news, sports and other channels, these are the best live TV streaming alternatives.
  • Super cool white paint basically creates 'free air conditioning' – CNET
    Freitag 21:34 Amanda Kooser at CNET News
    The radiative cooling paint could help chill out houses, cars and even the planet.
  • Fortnite’s latest Halloween mode turns you into a killer ghost
    Freitag 21:23 Jay Peters at The Verge – All Posts
    A Fortnite player fighting the new Fortnitemares ghosts. | Image: Epic Games Fortnite kicked off its annual “Fortnitemares” Halloween event this week, and this year, you get to play as a killer ghost. In this year’s Fortnitemares mode, the Fortnite island is packed with spooky touches — a foreboding fog can hang over the island, houses have Halloween decorations, and I’ve even found a witch’s hut surrounded by rideable brooms. But the real twist in Fortnitemares happens when you die: after your untimely demise, you’re returned to the island as a ghost so you can hunt — and troll — the survivin …
  • Uber and Lyft need to make drivers employees, appeals court rules – CNET
    Freitag 21:16 Dara Kerr at CNET News
    California has become ground zero for gig worker status as a major lawsuit and a nearly $200 million ballot measure campaign heat up.
  • Actor Lara McDonnell on learning to fly for Artemis Fowl – CNET
    Freitag 21:00 Connie Guglielmo at CNET News
    As elvish police officer Holly Short, the Irish actor had to convincingly fly to help bring the popular kids‘ fantasy series to the big screen in Disney’s 2020 live-action adaptation.
  • The short, strange life of Quibi
    Freitag 20:38 Brian Heater at TechCrunch
    “All that is left now is to offer a profound apology for disappointing you and, ultimately, for letting you down,” Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman wrote, closing out an open letter posted to Medium. “We cannot thank you enough for being there with us, and for us, every step of the way.” With that, the […]
  • OnePlus’s 8T handset brings faster charging and a 120Hz display for $749 
    Freitag 20:32 Brian Heater at TechCrunch
    OnePlus continues its twice-yearly smartphone cycle with today’s arrival of the 8T. The latest device isn’t a huge upgrade over April’s OnePlus 8, but continues the company’s longstanding tradition of offering some of the most solid Android handsets at a reasonable price point. The cost has edged up a bit in recent years, but $749 […]
  • There is no escape from Borat – CNET
    Freitag 20:29 Iyaz Akhtar at CNET News
    Borat’s second film is up on Amazon Prime! Very… something.
  • 2020 presidential debate memes: Who muted the mute button? – CNET
    Freitag 20:26 Gael Fashingbauer Cooper at CNET News
    President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden faced off for the final time, but the much-promised mute button seemed to have gone missing.
  • How to see Rocket Lab launch Earth-watching satellites into orbit – CNET
    Freitag 20:02 Eric Mack at CNET News
    The space startup will be sending a small telescope and several other satellites aloft on Wednesday.
  • Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving’ beta test has caught the attention of federal safety regulators
    Freitag 19:53 Andrew J. Hawkins at The Verge – All Posts
    Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Federal regulators are keeping their eye on the rollout of Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving” experiment. This week, the automaker began beta testing its latest advanced driver assist software with a select group of customers, and so far, the government is taking a wait-and-see approach. In a statement, a spokesperson for the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it would “monitor the new technology closely and will not hesitate to take action to protect the public against unreasonable risks to safety.” The statement also included some footnoti …
  • PS5 DualSense unboxing reveals Android and PC support
    Freitag 19:43 Jay Peters at The Verge – All Posts
    You might have seen that many journalists have just received PlayStation 5 units for review, but today we also got our closest look yet at the PS5’s new DualSense controller thanks to an unboxing video from YouTuber Austin Evans. We already knew that the DualSense has some familiar PlayStation hallmarks — a D-pad and four face buttons on the top half, two analog sticks on the bottom half, four triggers, and, like the PS4’s DualShock 4, a touchpad in the middle — and Evan’s video gives a good look at all of those features and the controller’s new design. But Evans didn’t use the controller with …
  • NASA teases 'exciting new' moon discovery Monday: How to listen in – CNET
    Freitag 19:42 Amanda Kooser at CNET News
    The space agency will unveil a find that contributes to its moon and deep-space aspirations.
  • Peak Design's magnet-based phone case reaches $1M in crowdfunding in 4 days – CNET
    Freitag 19:39 Lexy Savvides at CNET News
    The magnetic system aimed at cyclists, drivers and photographers will let you quickly mount or unmount your phone when you don’t have time to fumble around.
  • Alien civilizations could be eyeing Earth from these star systems – CNET
    Freitag 19:32 Amanda Kooser at CNET News
    We’re busy seeking signs of alien life in the universe, but alien life might be staring right back at us.
  • Nintendo knocks $10 off the price of individual Joy-Con controllers for the Switch – CNET
    Freitag 19:30 Ry Crist at CNET News
    On Nov. 9, the price of a single Joy-Con controller for the Nintendo Switch falls to $40.
  • Tesla recalls nearly every Model S, Model X in China for suspension defect – Roadshow
    Freitag 19:17 Sean Szymkowski at CNET News
    Just about every one of the EVs may have up to two suspension flaws.
  • Oreo stashed its cookies in an asteroid-proof doomsday vault – CNET
    Freitag 19:10 Amanda Kooser at CNET News
    The cookies are prepared for the extremely slim chance the „Election Day asteroid“ reaches Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Facebook’s new Oversight Board is a wild new experiment in platform governance
    Freitag 19:00 Casey Newton at The Verge – All Posts
    Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Two and a half years after Mark Zuckerberg floated the idea on a podcast, and several months after organizers said it would be ready to hear cases, Facebook’s independent Oversight Board is now up and running. In a call with reporters today, the board’s co-chairs said that they are now prepared to hear appeals from the billions of people who use Facebook and Instagram each day. The ability to appeal to the board will roll out gradually around the world over the next several weeks. And when it’s complete, one of the bolder experiments in platform governan …
  • Facebook moderators in Dublin reportedly forced to work in office despite lockdown
    Freitag 18:57 Kim Lyons at The Verge – All Posts
    Illustration by William Joel / The Verge Facebook moderators working as independent contractors in Dublin say they’re required to work in the office, despite a new nationwide lockdown across Ireland, The Guardian reports. The moderators, employed by contractor CPL, say they were told they’re considered essential workers and therefore not bound by Ireland’s Level 5 restrictions, which require people to work at home unless they’re “providing an essential purpose for which your physical presence is required.” Earlier this week, Ireland became the biggest country to implement a strict lockdown to …
  • Rashford's free meal tweets made into Google map
    Freitag 18:51 BBC News – Technology
    A man has made a Google map showing businesses offering free food for children during half term.
  • CA appeals court upholds ruling that Uber and Lyft must classify drivers as employees
    Freitag 18:43 Megan Rose Dickey at TechCrunch
    Uber and Lyft must classify their drivers as employees, an appellate court ruled yesterday evening. However, the decision will be stayed for 30 days after the court issues the remittitur, which has not happened yet. That means depending on how ballot measure Proposition 22 goes, this case may not end up being the deciding factor […]
  • HBO Max: Everything to know about HBO's streaming app – CNET
    Freitag 18:42 Joan E. Solsman at CNET News
    HBO Max offers everything on the regular channel — plus extra shows, movies and premieres like The Witches reboot. But Roku or Amazon Fire TV still can’t stream it.
  • Quibi shutdown will take place 'on or about' Dec. 1 – CNET
    Freitag 18:40 Eli Blumenthal at CNET News
    The countdown to Quibi’s final days has begun.
  • 2021 Ford Bronco reservation data reveals most popular models, options – Roadshow
    Freitag 18:25 Sean Szymkowski at CNET News
    Lots of reservation holders are pumped for the Wildtrak model.
  • The Mandalorian season 1 recap: Where we left off with Baby Yoda, Mando and their buds – CNET
    Freitag 18:22 Sean Keane at CNET News
    Get caught up before the live-action Star Wars show returns to Disney Plus for its second season on Oct. 30.
  • Financial institutions can support COVID-19 crowdfunding campaigns
    Freitag 18:15 Walter Thompson at TechCrunch
    Financial institutions must lend their vast expertise, knowledge, and resources to these worthy causes; after all, we are all in this together.
  • Google Pixel 4A subscription program lets you pay $216 for a $349 phone – CNET
    Freitag 18:05 Sean Keane at CNET News
    Paying over two years gets you $133 off.
  • This week: Quibi’s shutdown, Google’s antitrust charges, and Foxconn’s LCD factory failure
    Freitag 18:01 Andrew Marino at The Verge – All Posts
    Illustration by Grayson Blackmon / The Verge It’s Friday, which means there’s a new episode of The Verge’s flagship podcast The Vergecast. Hosts Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn talk to the various Verge reporters who have been closely following the three biggest tech stories this week for an in-depth discussion. First up, Quibi, the short-form video streaming service, announced it was shutting down after only debuting six months ago. Verge reporter Julia Alexander stops by to discuss the many possible reasons for Quibi’s demise and who is taking the blame. Senior reporter Adi Robertson then joins …
  • Best electric kettles to buy in 2020 – CNET
    Freitag 17:58 Megan Wollerton at CNET News
    Want hot water fast? One of these kettles will do the trick.