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  • I saw the Red Hydrogen One phone with my own eyes – CNET
    Sonntag 9:01 Patrick Holland at CNET News
    No notch — just holograms. Kinda.
  • Missed the royal wedding? Relive it in seconds – CNET
    Sonntag 8:51 Leslie Katz at CNET News
    Scan these GIFs for a super quick recap of the day Prince Harry and Meghan Markle became husband and wife in Windsor, England.
  • Tomorrow's cities: Park with four seasons under one roof
    Sonntag 4:13 BBC News – Technology
    Four seasons park explores need for greener cities and looks at how climate change affects urban spaces.
  • Hands-on with the RED Hydrogen One, a wildly ambitious smartphone
    Sonntag 3:38 Dieter Bohn at The Verge – All Posts
    Come for the holograms, stay for the modules Continue reading…
  • Six deals for Saturday: $21 wireless headphones, $55 4K Roku and more – CNET
    Sonntag 1:29 David Carnoy at CNET News
    Here are a few of the top tech deals we think are worth checking out this weekend.
  • The Instant Pot Community is the best page on Facebook – CNET
    Sonntag 1:24 Ashlee Clark-Thompson at CNET News
    Commentary: I joined the Instant Pot Community group on Facebook to learn why this electric, countertop pressure cooker had such a fervent following. I stay because of the recipes, camaraderie and low-stakes, politics-free internet drama.
  • Maker Faire captures the DIY spirit in art, science, music and robotics – CNET
    Sonntag 1:15 James Martin at CNET News
    A climate of innovation, culture and education.
  • Our favorite car tech and luxury features of 2018 – Roadshow
    Sonntag 1:14 Kyle Hyatt at CNET News
    Roadshow’s editors pick their favorite in-car luxury, convenience, infotainment and safety tech features.
  • Grimes is changing her name to the symbol for the speed of light, encouraged by Elon Musk
    Samstag 23:01 Laura Hudson at The Verge – All Posts
    It’s easy to pick up habits from romantic partners. People who are attracted to each other often engage in mirroring, or subconsciously copying each other’s gestures and patterns of speech. It’s also common for people in relationships to adopt each other’s attitudes, behaviors, and hobbies. Personally, it’s how I learned to sail, rock climb and develop an appreciation for the finer points of noise music and puppetry. Since the musician Grimes started dating tech mogul Elon Musk, many critics have noted — or complained — that she seems to be mirroring the billionaire CEO behind SpaceX and Tesla …
  • Deadpool 2 kills all expectations, if you ignore the first half – CNET
    Samstag 22:20 Morgan Little at CNET News
    Spoiler-free review: Deadpool 2 takes too long to get to its best meta jokes and gleeful violence, but once it does, it proves to be a worthy sequel.
  • Koss’ iconic Porta Pro headphone gets a Bluetooth model – CNET
    Samstag 20:17 Steve Guttenberg at CNET News
    The new Koss Porta Pro Wireless goes for not quite double the price of the wired model. Is it worth it?
  • Samsung owes Apple $1B — or maybe just $28M. OK, jury, what'll it be? – CNET
    Samstag 19:47 Stephen Shankland at CNET News
    Either way, design patents are looking like a hot commodity in Silicon Valley as the jury starts deliberating.
  • Here’s a pint-size, yet feature-packed power amp from PS Audio – CNET
    Samstag 19:47 Steve Guttenberg at CNET News
    PS Audio revised their popular little integrated amp and rechristened it the Sprout 100.
  • More than 4M Samsung phones a year need service, court case reveals – CNET
    Samstag 19:17 Stephen Shankland at CNET News
    Also, take a look at why Samsung started marketing phones on its own instead of leaving it to carriers.
  • Shared housing startups are taking off
    Samstag 19:10 Joanna Glasner at TechCrunch
    Joanna Glasner Contributor More posts by this contributor These schools graduate the most funded startup CEOs The formula behind San Francisco’s startup success When young adults leave the parental nest, they often follow a predictable pattern. First, move in with roommates. Then graduate to a single or couple’s pad. After that comes the big purchase […]
  • X-Force, Deadpool 2's new superhero team, explained – CNET
    Samstag 19:05 Eric Franklin at CNET News
    Deadpool 2 features the cinematic debut of a long-running Marvel comics team. Here’s everything you need to know about them. Mild spoilers ahead.
  • Deadpool 2 post-credits scene(s), explained – CNET
    Samstag 19:04 Eric Franklin at CNET News
    Yep, there are a total of five different Deadpool 2 post-credits scenes, and they’re all wonderful. Spoilers ahead!
  • 9 new trailers you should watch this week
    Samstag 19:00 Jacob Kastrenakes at The Verge – All Posts
    This week was the magical week when advertising executives descend on New York City to hear TV executives tell them about the new series they’re working on. The events are kind of strange because as much as they’re about business dealings, they’re also about putting on a show and impressing people, so TV networks do their best to make them as exciting as possible. There are food and drinks, and often, they’ll bring out a few stars to entertain the audience. More importantly for you, it’s also the week when TV networks reveal first looks at a lot of the shows they’re planning for later in the y …
  • Deadpool is not part of the MCU. Please stop asking – CNET
    Samstag 18:59 Caitlin Petrakovitz at CNET News
    He’s barely even part of the X-Men (trainee!).
  • Google’s Selfish Ledger ideas can also be found in its patent applications
    Samstag 18:24 Vlad Savov at The Verge – All Posts
    I trust by now we’ve all seen and been at least a little disturbed by The Selfish Ledger, the nearly 9-minute-long concept video from inside Google’s “moonshot factory” X labs. In the wake of it becoming public this week, Google quickly disavowed the video, claiming it was just a thought experiment “not related to any current or future products.” And yet, the company’s patent applications exhibit a mode of thinking that runs at least in parallel, if not on the exact same tracks, as The Selfish Ledger’s total data collection proposal. A reader pointed me in the direction of a Google patent appl …
  • ‘My Data Request’ lists guides to get data about you
    Samstag 17:12 Romain Dillet at TechCrunch
    GDPR is right around the corner, so it’s time to prepare your personal data requests. If you live in the European Union, tech companies have to comply with personal data requests after May 25th. And there’s a handy website that helps you do just that. My Data Request lists dozens of tech companies and tells […]
  • Siempo’s new app will break your smartphone addiction
    Samstag 17:00 Sarah Perez at TechCrunch
    A new app called Siempo wants to un-addict you from your smartphone and its numerous attention-stealing apps. To do so, Siempo replaces an Android device’s homescreen, while also taking advantage of a number of design principles to push distractions further away, and give you more control over your notifications. The startup, which launched a few […]
  • Google Assistant 101: Get to know Google's voice-activated helper – CNET
    Samstag 17:00 Andrew Gebhart at CNET News
    What is Google Assistant? What can it do? How do you control it? Get caught up on Google’s version of Siri or Alexa.
  • An Apple sale at Best Buy, discounts on 4K TVs, and wireless headphone deals
    Samstag 17:00 Emily Heller at The Verge – All Posts
    With the season of graduations underway, the new grads in your life are preparing for life in the real world. If you’re looking for a gift for a new grad, The Verge put together a convenient Graduation Gift Guide with ideas ranging from practical (a financial planner) to fun (a Nintendo Switch). If you’re looking for something in between, a nice pair of wireless headphones or a new laptop is sure to make both the graduate and their parents happy. Best Buy is running an Apple Shopping Event with savings of up to $200 on MacBooks, iPads, Apple TVs, and more. The landing page includes full-price …
  • La Belle Vie wants to compete with Amazon Prime Now in Paris
    Samstag 16:34 Romain Dillet at TechCrunch
    French startup La Belle Vie announced a new funding round of $6.5 million earlier this week (€5.5 million). Julien Mangeard, Thibaut Faurès Fustel de Coulanges, Louis Duclert, Kima Ventures and Shake-Up Factory participated in the founding round. Online grocery shopping is becoming quite competitive in Paris. You can order groceries from Amazon using Amazon Prime Now. […]
  • Apple started paying $15 billion European tax fine
    Samstag 16:03 Romain Dillet at TechCrunch
    It took a couple of years, but Apple has started to pay back illegal tax benefits to the Irish government. The company has paid $1.77 billion (€1.5 billion) into an escrow account designed to hold the fine. Apple has to pay $15 billion in total (€13 billion). In August 2016, the European Commission said that […]
  • Original Content podcast: ‘Dear White People’ returns to ask more uncomfortable questions
    Samstag 16:00 Anthony Ha at TechCrunch
    Dear White People has a pretty provocative title — and the show, for the most part, lives up to that promise, with a sharply drawn portrait of racial tension at Winchester University, a fictional Ivy League school. It was originally a film written and directed by Justin Simien, who then reinvented the story as a […]
  • China’s first private rocket launch kicks off the country’s commercial space race
    Samstag 16:00 Sean O'Kane at The Verge – All Posts
    China celebrated the country’s first rocket launch by a private spaceflight company this week. OneSpace Technologies, based out of Beijing, launched its OS-X rocket from an undisclosed location on a suborbital trajectory on Wednesday, reaching a reported altitude of 25 miles and traveling about 170 miles before falling back to Earth. It’s the first demonstration of what the company says will become a scalable business built around sending small satellites into space. Until now, China’s space industry has been dominated by the government’s space agency, the China National Space Administration ( …
  • In New York, his neighbors pounded on his walls, so he built this home theater in Texas – CNET
    Samstag 15:59 David Carnoy at CNET News
    Growing up in a New York City apartment, Rajesh could never have his dream home-entertainment system. But he finally got his wish in Texas.
  • HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 turns a warning about media into a tirade against tech trends
    Samstag 15:00 Adi Robertson at The Verge – All Posts
    Dystopian stories are often described as warnings, but they can also be Rorschach blots. Readers dive in with specific fears — about technology, society, or the future — and find an allegory to validate them. And Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury’s classic 1953 novel, is a perfectly adaptable cautionary tale. It’s an elegant high-concept story backed by a complicated web of broad social complaints, critiquing everything from social justice to the zipper. This might be why it’s produced two dramatically different films: one from French auteur François Truffaut in 1966, and the other from 99 Homes di …
  • Deadpool 2 cameos: Yes, that is Brad Pitt – CNET
    Samstag 14:00 Caitlin Petrakovitz at CNET News
    If you blink, you’ll miss these hilarious cameos.
  • Meet the smartest locks on the block – CNET
    Samstag 14:00 Molly Price at CNET News
    Take your pick of these smart locks that let you lose your keys for good.
  • How one little thermostat started a design revolution – CNET
    Samstag 14:00 Megan Wollerton at CNET News
    Commentary: Thermostats used to be ugly. The Nest Learning Thermostat changed all that.
  • Meet the judges for the TC Startup Battlefield Europe at VivaTech
    Samstag 11:17 Romain Dillet at TechCrunch
    VivaTech is right around the corner, and I’m excited to introduce you to the third batch of judges that will come to Paris for TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield Europe. If you haven’t been to TechCrunch Disrupt, the Startup Battlefield is arguably the most interesting part of the show. Before everybody started doing a startup competition, there […]
  • The apps designed to help mental health
    Samstag 2:08 BBC News – Technology
    New apps and platforms are seen as a way to reach younger people with mental health conditions.
  • China bans a popular rage comics website for making fun of a communist hero
    Samstag 1:41 Shannon Liao at The Verge – All Posts
    China has banned the most popular rage comics website in the country for poking fun at a communist hero. Under the “Heroes and Martyrs Protection Act,” passed by the National People’s Congress and enacted on May 1st, it’s now illegal to make jokes at the expense of communist heroes or martyrs — those distinctions belonging, of course, to the state. The comics site Baozou, which had more than 10 million followers on the Chinese social media site Weibo and over 245,000 subscribers on Youtube, was so popular that its rage comic 7723 was turned into a Netflix film called Next Gen, which is current …
  • GoFundMe campaign raises money to send Mariachi band, taco truck to racist NYC lawyer – CNET
    Samstag 0:59 Abrar Al-Heeti at CNET News
    Twitter sure has a creative approach to dealing with racism.
  • NASA’s newest planet-hunting satellite takes a stellar first test image
    Samstag 0:51 Devin Coldewey at TechCrunch
    TESS, the satellite launched by NASA last month that will search thousands of stars for Earth-like exoplanets, has just sent back its first test image. It’s just a quick one, not „science-quality,“ but it does give you an idea of the scale of the mission: the area TESS will eventually document is 400 times the area covered by this shot.
  • Tidal is investigating data breach that led to accusation of inflated streaming numbers
    Samstag 0:47 Nick Statt at The Verge – All Posts
    Tidal says it’s investigating how an internal data breach of sensitive company data resulted in a hard drive falling into the hands of a Norwegian newspaper, according to Variety. The paper, Norwegian business publication Dagens Næringsliv, accused the music streaming service last week of inflating both its subscriber growth numbers and streaming numbers for popular exclusive releases, including Beyonce’s Lemonade and Kanye West’s Life of Pablo. Allegeledy, data proving the numbers were inflated was found on a hard drive the paper obtained through means it has not disclosed. Tidal is disputing …
  • Hearing Yanny? You might speak a lot of languages – CNET
    Samstag 0:34 Amanda Kooser at CNET News
    Polyglots aren’t picking up on Laurel.