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  • Snap is shutting down Snapcash, its payment service, on August 30th
    Sonntag 22:13 Natt Garun at The Verge – All Posts
    If you don’t remember Snapcash, don’t worry — on August 30th, Snap will discontinue its peer-to-peer money transfer service that launched at the height of the messaging app’s popularity. Snapcash was announced back in 2014 when Instagram has yet to steal Snap’s users with the disappearing stories format, and Venmo was one of few apps you can use to send money to friends. Today, Snapchat is struggling to grow its user base against Instagram, and companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, and Zelle have begun offering their own services for transferring money to contacts. In a statement to Techcrun …
  • Comic-Con 2018 trailers? We got 'em! – CNET
    Sonntag 20:59 Richard Trenholm at CNET News
    Aquaman, Shazam, Glass, Star Trek: Discovery … here are all the important teasers and trailers out of San Diego Comic-Con 2018.
  • Comic-Con cosplay emergency? These superheroes will save you – CNET
    Sonntag 20:55 Roger Cheng at CNET News
    The cosplay community is all about giving back. There may be no better example than these unsung costume medics.
  • Amazon is selling the NES Classic for $60 right now – CNET
    Sonntag 20:45 Sean Hollister at CNET News
    At least, it was when I published this post!
  • Inside the rise and reign of supergiant venture capital rounds
    Sonntag 20:00 Alex Wilhelm at TechCrunch
    There was a time not so long ago when nine-figure venture capital rounds weren’t a near-daily feature of tech business news.
  • Snapchat will shut down Snapcash, forfeiting to Venmo
    Sonntag 20:00 Josh Constine at TechCrunch
    Snapcash ended up as a way to pay adult performers for private content over Snapchat, not just a way to split bills with friends. But Snapchat will abandon the peer-to-peer payment space on August 30th. Code buried in Snapchat’s Android app includes a “Snapcash deprecation message” that displays “Snapcash will no longer be available after […]
  • Comic-Con 2018 trailer round-up: Aquaman, Godzilla, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and more
    Sonntag 19:59 Andrew Liptak at The Verge – All Posts
    San Diego Comic-Con wraps up today, and it’s been a busy week for pop culture news. While big names like Marvel and HBO skipped the show this year, the show nevertheless showcased a number of big trailers from the films and shows slated to premiere over the next year or so. Warner Bros. stole the show this year with its massive, two-hour Saturday morning panel, during which the studio revealed its slate of upcoming films: Aquaman, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and Shazam. The clips and trailers served as the weekend’s highest-profile reveals, but …
  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer amazes at Comic-Con 2018 – CNET
    Sonntag 19:46 Morgan Little at CNET News
    Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan and King Gidorah are here to do some damage.
  • Walking Dead season 9 gets a trailer at Comic-Con, will premiere Oct. 7 – CNET
    Sonntag 19:43 Bonnie Burton at CNET News
    Rick Grimes gives the ultimate undead pep talk on the AMC horror series. Plus, Lincoln confirms his upcoming departure.
  • Watch Shazam trailer punch humor into the DC universe at Comic-Con – CNET
    Sonntag 19:41 Morgan Little at CNET News
    “Hey, sup, I’m a super hero.”
  • Epic first Aquaman trailer makes a splash at Comic-Con 2018 – CNET
    Sonntag 19:40 Morgan Little at CNET News
    Talking to fish never looked so good.
  • Glass trailer reveals how Split, Unbreakable will come together – CNET
    Sonntag 19:39 Morgan Little at CNET News
    „First name Mister. Last name… Glass.“
  • Comic-Con 2018: New Netflix trailer for Matt Groening's Disenchantment – CNET
    Sonntag 19:35 Bonnie Burton at CNET News
    A princess, an elf and ogres galore. See more of Netflix’s new animated show from the creator of The Simpsons.
  • Samsung’s next wireless charger will juice up two devices at once
    Sonntag 19:30 Chris Welch at The Verge – All Posts
    Samsung is reportedly planning to release a two-in-one charger for its smartphones and the upcoming Galaxy Watch. Packaging for the Wireless Charger Duo has leaked ahead of Samsung’s Unpacked press conference, which will be held at Barclays Center on August 9th. The Wireless Charger Duo box reveals that it’s capable of charging either two Qi-compatible phones simultaneously or one phone and the Galaxy Watch. Both placement areas support fast wireless charging. The upcoming Note 9 is rumored to feature a 4,000mAh battery, and Samsung has registered a new wireless charger that could improve upon …
  • Here are some of the movie and TV trailers to come out of San Diego Comic-Con 2018
    Sonntag 18:47 Matthew Lynley at TechCrunch
    Over the course of a weekend we got a glimpse at some of the coming seasons and movies for various sci-fi, superhero, and other types of highly-anticipated fan-favorite franchises from the San Diego Comic-Con this year. Here’s a quick selection of some of the ones shown over the weekend: Aquaman Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of […]
  • Google tests curvy Chrome tabs with material design overhaul – CNET
    Sonntag 18:35 Stephen Shankland at CNET News
    Hope you like that flat interface style.
  • Trill Project aims to be a safe community for people to express their true selves
    Sonntag 17:33 Megan Rose Dickey at TechCrunch
    Trill Project, founded by three high school girls, recently launched out of private beta to help people safely express themselves online. For those unfamiliar with the word “trill,” it’s a combination of “true” and “real.” An investor described it to me as a positive Yik Yak . Trill Project began as a community for teenagers, […]
  • Overwhelm is a brutal action horror game that’s true to its name
    Sonntag 17:00 Michael Moore at The Verge – All Posts
    It can be difficult to find time to finish a video game, especially if you only have a few hours a week to play. In our biweekly column Short Play we suggest video games that can be started and finished in a weekend. In Overwhelm, you control a lone soldier who has been sent to wipe out a hive of monsters. You’re armed only with a gun with a limited amount of ammo, and a melee attack that rockets you forward a short distance. The melee attack also acts as a double jump of sorts, letting you get additional height to traverse the Metroidvania-like hive layout. However, unlike a Metroidvania, the …
  • Apple reveals 70 new emoji for iPhone X, and iCloud has a Big Brother in China – CNET
    Sonntag 16:18 Perla Shaheen at CNET News
    Here’s the scoop for iPhones this week.
  • We expose an X-ray technician's two budget home-theater rooms – CNET
    Sonntag 16:15 David Carnoy at CNET News
    Show Us Yours: Ray, the X-ray technician, has put together a living-room home theater and a playroom theater on a tight budget. See what he came up with.
  • Here’s what happened to the cryptocurrencies that celebrities vouched for
    Sonntag 16:00 Shannon Liao at The Verge – All Posts
    We’re a full year and a half into cryptocurrency mania, and while the craze has calmed down, celebrities and companies alike are still coming out with partnerships with initial coin offerings and digital coins. Some celebrities have even made it their sole mission on tour, social media, and in panel discussions to promote digital coins. Over the last year, dozens of celebrities have come out in support of cryptocurrency, whether it be their own coins or companies who have reached out to them. In fact, the trend of celebrities promoting cryptocurrency has gone so far that the US Securities and …
  • Galaxy Note 9: All the rumors on specs, price and release date – CNET
    Sonntag 15:03 Jessica Dolcourt at CNET News
    Samsung’s next big phone will go head-to-head with the 2018 iPhone.
  • The blockchain begins finding its way in the enterprise
    Sonntag 15:00 Ron Miller at TechCrunch
    The blockchain is in the middle of a major hype cycle at the moment, and that makes it hard for many people to take it seriously, but if you look at the core digital ledger technology, there is tremendous potential to change the way we think about trust in business. Yet these are still extremely […]
  • Information wants to be siloed
    Sonntag 15:00 Jon Evans at TechCrunch
    Data, they say, is the new oil, and open public data is the new commons. Give the people the facts, and they will use them to make informed decisions. Right? Except that’s not the bureaucratic instinct. Bureaucrats fear the free flow of information. And all too often they’ll try to quench it by intoning the […]
  • Which Microsoft Surface should I buy? – CNET
    Sonntag 14:18 Joshua Goldman at CNET News
    What was once a single device is now a full line to meet the demands of many users. Here’s how to pick the right one.
  • Starting this weekend, SpaceX is about to land a whole lot more rockets
    Sonntag 12:45 Loren Grush at The Verge – All Posts
    Update July 22nd, 6:45AM ET: Sunday morning, SpaceX successfully launched and landed its Falcon 9 rocket, while putting the Telstar 19 VANTAGE satellite into a high orbit above Earth. The mission marks the 13th launch of the year for SpaceX and the 26th successful landing of a Falcon 9 rocket booster. Original story: Early Sunday morning, SpaceX is slated to launch its second Falcon 9 Block 5 rocket — the final and most powerful version of the vehicle the company plans to make. After launch, SpaceX will attempt to land the vehicle on one of its autonomous drone ships in the Atlantic. And landi …
  • Uber suspends driver who streamed videos of passengers online without their permission 
    Sonntag 12:41 James Cook at Technology Intelligence
  • The quantum meltdown of encryption
    Sonntag 9:30 Jonathan Shieber at TechCrunch
    Shlomi Dolev Contributor Shlomi Dolev is the Chair Professor and founder of the Computer Science department of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. He is the author of Self-Stabilization. Shlomi also is a cybersecurity entrepreneur and the co-founder and chief scientist of Secret Double Octopus. More posts by this contributor The quantum computing apocalypse is imminent […]
  • Google owns, but it'll give rival DuckDuckGo a shoutout anyhow – CNET
    Sonntag 8:58 Sean Hollister at CNET News
    Update: Google has relented.
  • SpaceX launches record-setting satellite with block 5 Falcon 9 rocket – CNET
    Sonntag 8:12 Eric Mack at CNET News
    Elon Musk’s rocket company launched the final iteration of its workhorse rocket carrying the biggest communications satellite ever.
  • Samsung cuts prices on its laptops for summer sale
    Sonntag 6:00 Cameron Faulkner at The Verge – All Posts
    Need a new computer for back to school or any other reason? Samsung has launched a sale that lasts until July 28th, and it might have what you’re looking for. We’re seeing some decent savings on a few of Samsung’s recent laptops. But that’s not all. Its Windows Mixed Reality headset is cheaper now, as are a bunch of TVs and other products. Starting with a laptop that’s best for those who most often spend time on social media, YouTube, or working on documents, the Samsung Chromebook Plus, pictured up top, is now $399 (usually $499). Loaded with Google’s Chrome OS with support for Android apps ( …
  • Unfriended: Dark Web is clever, dour, and punishing
    Sonntag 3:35 Kaitlyn Tiffany at The Verge – All Posts
    Welcome to Cheat Sheet, our brief breakdown-style reviews of festival films, VR previews, and other special event releases. This review was originally posted after the film’s premiere at the 2018 SXSW Film Festival. It has been updated to reflect the film’s HBO release. The midnight premiere of an Unfriended: Dark Web at SXSW was somewhat of a botched surprise reveal. At the time, it was still an untitled feature being promoted by Jason Blum, founder of the Blumhouse studio, and producer of the Oscar winner Get Out and essentially every lauded horror movie of the last five years. But many horr …
  • Propelling deep space flight with a new fuel source, Momentus prepares for liftoff
    Sonntag 2:30 Jonathan Shieber at TechCrunch
    Mikhail Kokorich, the founder of Momentus, a new Y Combinator-backed propulsion technology developer for space flight, hadn’t always dreamed of going to the moon. A physicist who graduated from Russia’s top-ranked Novosibirsk University, Kokorich was a serial entrepreneur in who grew up in Siberia and made his name and his first fortunes in the years […]
  • Eventbrite is reportedly going public in the second half of this year
    Sonntag 2:10 Connie Loizos at TechCrunch
    Eventbrite, the 12-year-old, San Francisco-based event-planning company, has filed confidentially for an IPO and plans to go public later this year, according to a new report in the WSJ. The company’s lead underwriters are Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase & Co., it says. The offering must seem a long time in coming for Eventbrite founders […]
  • Ellen Pao memoir adaptation among 7 new Shonda Rhimes projects for Netflix
    Sonntag 1:57 Henry Pickavet at TechCrunch
    When Shonda Rhimes left ABC last August for Netflix, both she and the studio kept a tight lid on their plans. We could only imagine where the twists and turns that her future stories would take us. Well, now we know. This week, Rhimes’s production company Shondaland and Netflix announced seven projects that she will make […]
  • Ghostbusters World is basically Pokémon Go, but with proton packs
    Sonntag 0:04 Dami Lee at The Verge – All Posts
    Two years after Pokémon Go gave us the purest summer of our lives, comes the inevitable wave of copycat location-based AR games, one of which is Ghostbusters World. A collaborative effort between Sony Pictures and Korean mobile game studios 4:33 and Next Age, the game was made possible by Google opening up its Maps platform to developers. Thanks to this, and the rising functionalities of Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore, AR-based games aren’t just the territory of Pokémon Go developer Niantic anymore. The demo version of Ghostbusters World, which I played at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, …
  • Geek couture dazzles on Comic-Con 2018 Her Universe catwalk – CNET
    Sonntag 0:03 Tania González at CNET News
    Sashay down the fashion show runway with us and meet the winners who’ll will create an Avengers 4 collection for 2019.
  • Shazam superhero movie with Zachary Levi: Release date, trailer, cast – CNET
    Samstag 23:43 Bonnie Burton at CNET News
    Here’s our ongoing guide to the upcoming DC Comics film starring Zachary Levi.
  • Warner Bros. unveils the first trailers for ‘Aquaman’ and ‘Shazam’
    Samstag 23:42 Anthony Ha at TechCrunch
    Today at Comic-Con, Warner Bros . gave fans a peek at the first DC Comics films post-Justice League. Warner Bros. and DC had a bumpy 2017. There was the astonishing critical and commercial success of Wonder Woman, followed by the box office disappointment of Justice League — leading to an executive shakeup and a general rethinking […]
  • Watch the Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald trailer from Comic-Con 2018 – CNET
    Samstag 22:59 Caitlin Petrakovitz at CNET News
    Warner Bros. unveils a new trailer for Crimes of Grindelwald.