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  • Moving Forward With Money-API, JSR 354: Motivation Behind the API
    Dienstag 16:40 Otavio Santana at Feed
    According to Wikipedia, money is any item or verifiable record that is generally accepted as payment for goods, services, and/or the repayment of debts in a particular country or socio-economic context. Money is represented by two parts: a numerical value and a currency. We deal with money in our programs every day, but the JDK doesn’t provide a standard representation of wealth. What we need to know as developers is what data type is suitable for representing money. The first attempt would be to use the primitive floating point types (double and float) that are available in the language. The …
  • GDB All-Stop and Non-Stop Mode with LinkServer
    Dienstag 16:38 Erich Styger at Feed
    GDB supports a mode that allows the GDB debug client to read memory while the target is running. This allows features like ‘live variables.‘ That way, I can see the variables refreshed and changing over time without halting the target. Another functionality that comes with this feature is to check stopped threads or to see all threads in the system. multiple FreeRTOS threads in debug view
  • You Have Around 20 Minutes To Contain a Russian APT Attack
    Dienstag 16:21 msmash at Slashdot
    When a Russian nation-state actor attacks a government or a private organization, they have about 20 minutes to detect and contain the attack. From a report: New statistics published today by US cyber-security firm Crowdstrike ranked threat groups based on their „breakout time.“ „Breakout time“ refers to the time a hacker group takes from gaining initial access to a victim’s computer to moving laterally through its network. This includes the time the attacker spends scanning the local network and deploying exploits in order to escalate his access to other nearby computers. […] According to d …
  • How Is Your Application's Customer Service Experience?
    Dienstag 16:01 John Vester at Feed
    [A Zone Leader asks, how is your application handling alternate flows systemmatically, providing three real-life examples he has recently encountered.] When we think about the idea of customer service, probably the first thing that comes to mind is a group which supports some aspect of a business or service. By simply getting in touch with them, you can work through issues that were not expected as a result of your interaction.
  • Programming Interview Questions Are Too Hard and Too Short
    Dienstag 15:41 msmash at Slashdot
    Programming interview questions can feel unnecessarily difficult. Sometimes they actually are, a new study has found. And this isn’t just because they make interviews excessively stressful. The study shows that harder programming questions actually do a worse job of predicting final outcomes than easier ones. From the study: Programming under time pressure is difficult. This is especially true during interviews. A coding exercise that would seem simple under normal circumstances somehow becomes a formidable challenge under the bright lights of an interview room. Stress hormones cloud your thin …
  • RSA Duplication Flaws: Prime, Exponent, and Modulus
    Dienstag 15:01 John Cook at Feed
    Implementation flaws in RSA encryption make it less secure in practice than in theory. RSA encryption depends on five numbers:
  • WIQL Editor Extension for Azure DevOps
    Dienstag 15:01 Ricci Gian Maria at Feed
    One of the nice features of Azure DevOps is extendibility. Thanks to the REST API, you can write add-ins or standalone programs that interact with the services. One of the add-ins that I like the most is the Work Item Query Language Editor, a nice add-in that allows you to interact directly with the underlying syntax of Work Item query. Once installed, whenever you are in the query editor, you have the ability to directly edit the query with WIQL syntax, thanks to the “Edit query wiql” menu entry.
  • DC Cancels Comic Where Jesus Learns From Superhero After Outcry
    Dienstag 15:01 msmash at Slashdot
    AmiMoJo writes: A new comics series in which Jesus Christ is sent on „a most holy mission by God“ to learn „what it takes to be the true messiah of mankind“ from a superhero called Sun-Man, has been cancelled by DC Comics. The move follows a petition that called it „outrageous and blasphemous“. The Second Coming series, from DC imprint Vertigo, was due to launch on 6 March. Written by Mark Russell and illustrated by Richard Pace, its story followed Jesus’s return to Earth. „Shocked to discover what has become of his gospel,“ he teams up with a superhero, Sun-Man, who is more widely worshipped …
  • Autonomous Cars, Big Data, and Edge Computing: What You Need to Know
    Dienstag 14:59 Arjuna Chala at Feed
    This article is featured in the new DZone Guide to Big Data: Volume, Variety, and Velocity. Get your free copy for insightful articles, industry stats, and more! The driverless car has been a high-tech dream for decades. Now that broadband connectivity, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence are increasingly available, autonomous cars should go mainstream in the near future, provided certain technical and regulatory milestones are reached. But another issue that must be addressed before self-driving cars can reach critical mass is the issue of data. Specifically, the data analysis and st …
  • What is BDD and What Does it Mean for Testers?
    Dienstag 14:01 Federico Toledo at Feed
    Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), as its name indicates, is not a testing technique, but rather a development strategy (as well as TDD, which is Test-Driven Development). What it proposes is to define a common language for the business and the technical team members, using it at the outset of development and testing, which is why it’s important for testers to understand BDD. BDD and TDD I used to think about BDD as an evolution of TDD, but then I realized that it is much more than a simple evolution. It’s a different approach that solves a different problem. In TDD, the focus is on the unit t …
  • Monitoring Microsoft Azure With
    Dienstag 14:01 Daniel Berman at Feed
    Microsoft Azure has long proven it’s a force to be reckoned with in the world of cloud computing. Over the past year, Azure has made some significant steps in bridging the gap with AWS by offering new services and capabilities as well as competitive pricing.  A growing number of our users are Azure fans, and so we’re happy to introduce a new integration for Azure as well as premade dashboards for monitoring different Azure resources!
  • Amazon Plans To Make 50% of Shipments Net Zero Carbon by 2030
    Dienstag 13:30 msmash at Slashdot
    Amazon says it hopes to make 50 percent of all shipments to customers with net zero carbon in the next 11 years as part of an initiative it’s calling Shipment Zero. From a report: It also announced that it’ll share a report detailing its companywide carbon footprint — along with „related goals and programs“ — later this year, and that it’ll continue to use customer feedback to „enable“ and „encourage“ its supply chain partners to reduce their environmental impact. The initiative builds on the Seattle retailer’s ongoing work to minimize its contributions to greenhouse gases, Dave Clark, senio …
  • How the Tech Industry Can Help Fix Our AI Skills Shortage
    Dienstag 13:01 Gaurav Dhillon at Feed
    In 2015, Uber opened a research facility around the corner from Carnegie Mellon University’s National Robotics Engineering Center in a move positioned as a partnership between the two organizations. Within months, dozens of faculty members had left their positions for full-time roles at Uber, draining the center of much of its talent. Other major tech companies have followed a similar path — in 2018, Facebook launched AI labs in Seattle and Pittsburgh headed by former professors. These stories provide a window into a tug-of-war that’s been playing out between the tech industry and academia. Ke …
  • Asynchronous RDBMS Access With Spring Data R2DBC
    Dienstag 13:01 Dan Newton at Feed
    Not too long ago, a reactive variant of the JDBC driver was released, known as R2DBC. It allows data to be streamed asynchronously to any endpoints that have subscribed to it. Using a reactive driver like R2DBC together with Spring WebFlux allows you to write a full application that handles the receiving and sending of data asynchronously. In this post, we will focus on the database and on connecting to the database and then finally saving and retrieving data. To do this, we will be using Spring Data. As with all Spring Data modules, it provides us with out-of-the-box configuration, decreasing …
  • Server Monitoring With and the ELK Stack
    Dienstag 12:01 Daniel Berman at Feed
    In a previous article, we explained the importance of monitoring the performance of your servers. Keeping tabs on metrics such as CPU, memory, disk usage, uptime, network traffic, and swap usage will help you gauge the general health of your environment as well as provide the context you need to troubleshoot and solve production issues. In the past, command line tools, such as top, htop, or nstat, might have been enough, but in today’s modern IT environments, a more centralized approach for monitoring must be implemented.
  • Emoji Are Showing Up in Court Cases Exponentially, and Courts Aren't Prepared
    Dienstag 12:00 msmash at Slashdot
    An anonymous reader shares a report: Bay Area prosecutors were trying to prove that a man arrested during a prostitution sting was guilty of pimping charges, and among the evidence was a series of Instagram DMs (direct messages) he’d allegedly sent to a woman. One read: „Teamwork make the dream work“ with high heels and money bag emoji placed at the end. Prosecutors said the message implied a working relationship between the two of them. The defendant said it could mean he was trying to strike up a romantic relationship. Who was right? Emoji are showing up as evidence in court more frequently …
  • Top Cloud Data Security Challenges
    Dienstag 11:02 Garrett Alley at Feed
    Almost three-quarters of businesses will run nearly their entire operations on the cloud by 2020. Organizations are flocking en masse to cloud computing, eager to capitalize on the speed, scale, and flexibility a cloud-based infrastructure can provide. But as cloud computing grows in popularity and transforms how companies collect, use, and share data, it also becomes a more attractive target for would-be attackers and hackers. Cloud providers have invested time and resources into bolstering cloud security and boosting customer confidence. Solutions that were once believed to be fraught with r …
  • How to Shift Left: Four Tips to Change Team Culture
    Dienstag 11:01 Harbinder Kang at Feed
    As the “shift-left” mindset begins to take hold, it is important to remember that embedding key technical practices earlier in the delivery pipeline will only deliver value if all teams are prepared and on board with the change. Continuous testing, for example, is essential and may require more of a shift in culture than technology. Most shift-left discussions focus on automation tools and techniques. But an area that many fail to touch on is culture. This is arguably the most important consideration of all. Simply instructing engineering and operations teams that shift-left is the new world o …
  • What's New in C# 8.0
    Dienstag 11:01 ahd Ben kheder at Feed
    After 18 years of existence, C# is still as young and „sharp“ as ever. Indeed, by open-sourcing its compiler and design, Microsoft strengthened the position of C# in the market by making it available to all developpers on GitHub. Contributing and voting to set the language roadmap are the main contributors to its success in the last few years.
  • 4 Reasons Why You Must Consider Exploratory Testing Within Agile
    Dienstag 11:01 Hiren Tanna at Feed
    Creating an application is no longer an easy task. There are a number of factors that you must consider while conceptualizing an application and finally getting it into motion. The user interface, technology, user profile, and devices are some key considerations that application makers consider before diving into the application development process. Nevertheless, the times are changing and so are the expectations and preferences. This means that you need a process that enables you to keep exploring, learning, and executing constantly. That’s where exploratory testing blends in within the Agile …
  • The Mandelbrot Set In TensorFlow
    Dienstag 10:01 Rinu Gour at Feed
    What Is the Mandelbrot Set? According to Wikipedia, “The Mandelbrot set is a famous example of a fractal in mathematics. The Mandelbrot set is important for chaos theory. The edging of the set shows a self-similarity, which is not perfect because it has deformations. The Mandelbrot set can be explained with the equation zn+1 = zn2 + c. In that equation, c and z are complex numbers, and n is zero or a positive integer (natural number). Starting with z0=0, c is in the Mandelbrot set if the absolute value of zn never becomes larger than a certain number (that number depends on c) no matter how la …
  • What Is Data Integrity?
    Dienstag 10:01 Garrett Alley at Feed
    Data Integrity Explained Data integrity is the assurance of accuracy and consistency of data over the course of the data life cycle (from when the data is recorded until it is destroyed). In simple terms, data integrity means that you have recorded the data as intended and that it wasn’t unintentionally changed over the course of its life cycle. The concept is simple, but the practice is not. Data integrity is a critical component to creating or designing any software system that will store or move data. Benefits Data integrity is important because just about every critical business decision i …
  • Reverse Geocoding: Designing Map Gesture Events in Kotlin and Android
    Dienstag 9:01 Nic Raboy at Feed
    Over the past few weeks, I’ve been writing tutorials around Kotlin and Android that make use of the various HERE APIs. Remember, Java isn’t the only way to develop for Android, and it may not be the most popular in the near future. In the last tutorial, we saw how to geocode addresses and display them on a map using Kotlin. This is great for showing markers or other points of interest, but what if we want to know an address based on where the user taps on the map? How do you even determine coordinate information from a tap event on a screen?
  • Chinese and Iranian Hackers Renew Their Attacks on US Companies
    Dienstag 9:01 msmash at Slashdot
    Businesses and government agencies in the United States have been targeted in aggressive attacks by Iranian and Chinese hackers who security experts believe have been energized by President Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal last year and his trade conflicts with China. From a report: Recent Iranian attacks on American banks, businesses and government agencies have been more extensive than previously reported. Dozens of corporations and multiple United States agencies have been hit, according to seven people briefed on the episodes who were not authorized to discuss them publicly. T …
  • A Guide to Resolving the Cross-Database Query Problem with A Single SQL Statement
    Dienstag 8:01 Leona Zhang at Feed
    Recently, an e-commerce user experienced a sharp increase in access volume due to rapid business development, resulting in bottlenecks in database capacity and performance. To reduce the database size and improve performance, the user decided to implement vertical sharding on the architecture. Sharding is performed by table, which results in less of an impact on applications and supports clear and simple sharding rules. The user vertically divided data into three databases according to members, commodities, and orders. After the vertical sharding was performed, the data was distributed to diff …
  • Movie Recommendations With Spark Collaborative Filtering
    Dienstag 8:01 Rosaria Silipo at Feed
    Collaborative filtering (CF)[1] based on the alternating least squares (ALS) technique[2] is another algorithm used to generate recommendations. It produces automatic predictions (filtering) about the interests of a user by collecting preferences from many other users (collaborating). The underlying assumption of the collaborative filtering approach is that if a person A has the same opinion as a person B on an issue, A is more likely to have B’s opinion on a different issue than a randomly chosen person. This algorithm gained a lot of traction in the data science community after it was used b …
  • Knowledge Graphs, AI, and Interoperability: What the Experts Say
    Dienstag 7:02 George Anadiotis at Feed
    Knowledge graphs are spreading everywhere: from Airbnb and eBay to Alexa, and from using JSON-LD on the web for better SEO to leveraging taxonomy to define AI. Combining knowledge graphs and machine learning, benchmarking graph databases, and W3C initiative for interoperability is shaping up. January 2019 was a lively month in the graph landscape. The Semantic Zoo – Smart Data Hubs, Knowledge Graphs and Data Catalogs by Kurt Cagle is a brief history of semantics and knowledge graphs, context, and how to leverage it, as well as some key architectures in the semantic space: knowledge graphs, sma …
  • Simple Examples of Downloading Files Using Python
    Dienstag 7:02 Mokhtar Ebrahim at Feed
    In this tutorial, you will learn how to download files from the web using different Python modules. Additionally, you will download regular files, web pages, YouTube videos, Google Drive files, Amazon S3, and other sources. Lastly, you will learn how to overcome different kinds of challenges that you may encounter, such as downloading files that redirect, downloading large files, completing a multithreaded download, and other tactics.
  • From Monolith to Microservices
    Dienstag 7:01 Robert Kuśmierek at Feed
    Microservices are an architectural style focused on the speed of software development defined as the number of functionalities created within a time unit or as the duration of the whole delivery process – from concept to deployment (time to market). The current high changeability of business environments fosters increasing popularity of the microservice approach, which forces companies to react quickly in order to avoid the situation when a good solution, but implemented too late, becomes a bad solution. Most of today’s enterprise-class systems have a monolithic architecture. Their indisputabl …
  • The Gorilla Guide to Serverless on Kubernetes, Chapter 1: The Serverless Revolution
    Dienstag 7:01 Vamsi Chemitiganti at Feed
    Serverless computing is a code execution model that abstracts away all the infrastructural plumbing underneath the code, allowing the developer to focus solely on their code. A serverless application is run by a platform that hides the implementation details from the user. These applications are made up of independent smaller services, many of which are event-driven, short-lived, and stateless. Let’s get some terms defined for consistency. Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS) is a technology for serverless computation. In a FaaS system, the unit of execution is a function of code written in a program …
  • Top 15 Productivity Quotes by Productivity Gurus
    Dienstag 7:01 Fred Wilson at Feed
    The word „productivity“ embodies a multitude of concepts. Each person views productivity with relevance to different factors, both in terms of cause and effect. This is why what boosts productivity and how it impacts one’s life can be interpreted in more than one ways. In this blog, we have attempted to research and bring forth the concepts of everyday professionals and experts. Instead of quoting famous people from different eras in the past, these people are here today – facing the modern world as we do.
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Azure Functions Error Monitoring
    Dienstag 6:01 Phil Vuollet at Feed
    Azure Functions is Microsoft’s solution to serverless computing. While it actually does run on servers, the key difference here is that you aren’t responsible for maintaining the function hosting environment. This is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you don’t need to burden yourself with the details of the OS and web server. This frees you up to focus on what’s important: developing the core functionality of your application. On the other hand, you have to relinquish some control over the execution environment. When it comes to logging application errors, this presents a challenge …
  • Setting Up Your First Raspberry Pi
    Dienstag 6:01 Sibeesh Venu at Feed
    Introduction Wow! You have a Raspberry PI in your hand, which is basically a small computer. When you have something that has the power to compute things, you can call it a computer right? Have you ever imagined a computer without math? A Raspberry Pi can do many things in real life, but the performance will be less impressive when you compare your laptop/computer with a Raspberry Pi. But it is not meant to be compared with that. There are many cases where a Raspberry Pi can do the things you want perfectly. In this post, we are not going to cover those; instead, we will be going through how y …
  • How to Adopt Service Virtualization Successfully
    Dienstag 6:01 Chris Colosimo at Feed
    You may have heard about service virtualization and its power to simulate your test environment and generate synthetic test data, but how do you actually use service virtualization? It starts with being smart about how you adopt and deploy the technology. You can’t immediately jump into a fully-deployed successful service virtualization deployment unless you adopt the right things for the right reasons and at the right times. For more details, watch this video I made to help walk you through it:
  • Welcoming the New Era of Java
    Dienstag 6:01 Joe Wolf at Feed
    As a resident Java Subject Matter Expert within my organization, I’ve been paying close attention to the happenings surrounding Java over the past two years: the modular JDK, the six-month release cadence, the growing significance of OpenJDK, and Oracle JDK 11’s new license. I hope to help my organization appropriately navigate these changes by not falling woefully behind in the versions of Java used by ensuring our JVMs are secure and can be patched, and by not unintentionally violating any software licenses. Achieving this aim starts with educating other stakeholders, especially upper manage …
  • Windows 7 Users: You Need SHA-2 Support or No Windows Updates After July 2019
    Dienstag 5:00 msmash at Slashdot
    Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 users need to have SHA-2 code-signing installed by July 16, 2019, in order to continue to get Windows updates after that date. Microsoft issued that warning on February 15 via a Support article. From a report: Windows operating system updates are dual-signed using both the SHA-1 and SHA-2 hash algorithms to prove authenticity. But going forward, due to „weaknesses“ in SHA-1, Microsoft officials have said previously that Windows updates will be using the more secure SHA-2 algorithm exclusively. Customers running Windows 7 SP1, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and Win …
  • Stop Saying, 'We Take Your Privacy and Security Seriously'
    Dienstag 1:34 msmash at Slashdot
    Security reporter Zack Whittaker writes: In my years covering cybersecurity, there’s one variation of the same lie that floats above the rest. „We take your privacy and security seriously.“ You might have heard the phrase here and there. It’s a common trope used by companies in the wake of a data breach — either in a „mea culpa“ email to their customers or a statement on their website to tell you that they care about your data, even though in the next sentence they all too often admit to misusing or losing it. The truth is, most companies don’t care about the privacy or security of your data. …
  • OpenAI Withholds Release of New Language Model Because It’s Too Good
    Dienstag 0:19 Sarah Sinning at Feed
    Photo credit Flickr/James Royal-Lawson Language models have come a long way since the first chatbots tried – and consistently failed – to sound human. As those systems have become more sophisticated, however, it’s started to take more than just a glance to determine that something was written by a machine mind. And as social media has become a tool of enemies both foreign and domestic, the risks of mechanically-created and spread disinformation loom large, which is what led OpenAI to make a highly controversial decision.
  • Apple Plans To Launch an 'All-New' 16-inch MacBook Pro and 32-inch 6K Monitor This Year, Says Report
    Montag 23:05 msmash at Slashdot
    Apple is planning an „all-new“ MacBook Pro design for this year, well-connected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said. From a report: The lineup is reportedly led by a model with a screen of between 16 and 16.5 inches, which would make it the biggest screen in a Mac notebook since the 17-inch models stopped being sold in 2012. Kuo says the lineup may also include a 13-inch model with support for 32GB of RAM; right now only the 15-inch MacBook Pro can be configured with that amount of memory. […] More interestingly, Kuo has the first credible details of the external monitor that will mark Apple’s ret …
  • Deep Learning May Need a New Programming Language That's More Flexible Than Python, Facebook's Chief AI Scientist Says
    Montag 22:05 msmash at Slashdot
    Deep learning may need a new programming language that’s more flexible and easier to work with than Python, Facebook AI Research director Yann LeCun said today. From an interview: It’s not yet clear if such a language is necessary, but the possibility runs against very entrenched desires from researchers and engineers, he said. LeCun has worked with neural networks since the 1980s. „There are several projects at Google, Facebook, and other places to kind of design such a compiled language that can be efficient for deep learning, but it’s not clear at all that the community will follow, because …