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  • Scientists Are Generating Oxygen from Simulated Moon Dust
    Sonntag 21:34 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    „European researchers are working on a system that can churn out breathable oxygen from simulated samples of moon dust,“ reports Gizmodo: „Being able to acquire oxygen from resources found on the Moon would obviously be hugely useful for future lunar settlers, both for breathing and in the local production of rocket fuel,“ explained Beth Lomax, a chemist from the University of Glasgow, in an European Space Agency (ESA) press release. Lomax, along with ESA research fellow Alexandre Meurisse, are currently plugging away at a prototype that could eventually lead to exactly that: oxygen production …
  • HBO's New Space Comedy Mocks 'Tech Bros in Charge'
    Sonntag 20:34 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    Engadget reports on a new tech-industry-in-space comedy premiering tonight on HBO: If you thought that HBO was done mocking technology companies now that Silicon Valley is done, think again. Avenue 5 is the channel’s new sitcom, and one that asks the question: „What if tech bros were in charge of more than just our internet histories?'“ The answer, at least according to the first half of the season, is that it won’t be pretty — or safe… The Avenue 5 is a large space liner that, in the words of cinematographer Eben Bolter, is designed after a vulgar space hotel that goes too far and „gets th …
  • Telnet Passwords Leaked For More Than 500,000 Servers, Routers, and IoT Devices
    Sonntag 19:34 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    ZDNet is reporting on a security breach leaking „a massive list of Telnet credentials for more than 515,000 servers, home routers, and IoT (Internet of Things) ’smart‘ devices.“ The list, which was published on a popular hacking forum, includes each device’s IP address, along with a username and password for the Telnet service, a remote access protocol that can be used to control devices over the internet… Some devices were located on the networks of known internet service providers (indicating they were either home router or IoT devices), but other devices were located on the networks of ma …
  • Are Software Designers Ignoring The Needs of the Elderly?
    Sonntag 18:34 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    „[A]t the very time that it’s become increasingly difficult for anyone to conduct their day to day lives without using the Net, some categories of people are increasingly being treated badly by many software designers,“ argues long-time Slashdot reader Lauren Weinstein: The victims of these attitudes include various special needs groups — visually and/or motor impaired are just two examples — but the elderly are a particular target. Working routinely with extremely elderly persons who are very active Internet users (including in their upper 90s!), I’m particularly sensitive to the difficulties …
  • Is Google Facing a Backlash From Medical Record Vendors?
    Sonntag 17:34 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    Two months ago the Washington Post reported that Google „has partnered with health-care provider Ascension to collect and store personal data for millions of patients, including full names, dates of birth and clinical histories, in order to make smarter recommendations to physicians.“ Now CNBC reports that the medical record vendor Epic Systems „has been phoning customers to tell them it will not pursue further integration with Google Cloud. The company is instead focusing on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, citing insufficient interest from customers in Google. „The move comes as Google is fac …
  • 'What's Up With Betelgeuse?'
    Sonntag 16:34 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    „Last month, astronomers noticed Betelgeuse had faded much more than usual,“ writes the Steamboat Pilot & Today. „This is the faintest it has been in over a century of observations. „What’s up with Betelgeuse?“ The Grim Reefer quotes their report: Well, probably nothing. It is most likely experiencing a super minimum as two of its variability cycles sync up and reach minimum brightness at the same time. On the other hand, stars like Betelgeuse are well advanced in age and are destined to explode as supernovas at the end of their lives. There hasn’t been a bright supernova in our Milky Way gala …
  • Introducing JetBrains Mono, 'A Typeface for Developers'
    Sonntag 15:34 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    Long-time Slashdot reader destinyland writes: JetBrains (which makes IDEs and other tools for developers and project managers) just open sourced a new „typeface for developers.“ JetBrains Mono offers taller lowercase letters while keeping all letters „simple and free from unnecessary details… The easier the forms, the faster the eye perceives them and the less effort the brain needs to process them.“ There’s a dot inside zeroes (but not in O’s), and distinguishing marks have also been added to the lowercase L (to distinguish it from both 1’s and a capital I). Even the shape of the comma has …
  • 'Watch SpaceX Blow Up a Falcon 9 Rocket in a Safety Test Sunday'
    Sonntag 13:34 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    „SpaceX is setting out to prove a critical safety system will be able to save astronaut lives in the event of a launch emergency during ascent,“ reports CNET: The Crew Dragon in-flight abort test…is a required step before NASA will allow astronauts to fly to the International Space Station in the SpaceX capsule as part of the Commercial Crew Program. [UPDATE: Though they’d originally planned to launch Saturday, SpaceX tweeted early Saturday morning that „due to sustained winds and rough seas in the recovery area“ they’re now targeting Sunday, January 19, „with a six-hour test window opening …
  • What Linus Torvalds Gets Wrong About ZFS
    Sonntag 9:34 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    Ars Technica recently ran a rebuttal by author, podcaster, coder, and „mercenary sysadmin“ Jim Salter to some comments Linus Torvalds made last week about ZFS. While its reasonable for Torvalds to oppose integrating the CDDL-licensed ZFS into the kernel, Salter argues, he believes Torvalds‘ characterization of the filesystem was „inaccurate and damaging.“ Torvalds dips into his own impressions of ZFS itself, both as a project and a filesystem. This is where things go badly off the rails, as Torvalds states, „Don’t use ZFS. It’s that simple. It was always more of a buzzword than anything else, …
  • Another Project Goes Private: Amara Stops Being Developed As Open Source
    Sonntag 5:34 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    Slashdot reader northar writes: Subtitling project Amara closes its repository as focus is shifting… Amara was AGPL up until going private. While future improvements to the code base from the Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF) will not be public, a copy of the last public code base has been preserved at Gitlab, should anyone be interested in the work done up until now. Note that no support is given from PCF for this code From Amara’s official statement on the move: The Participatory Culture Foundation began as a nonprofit in 2006 with a focus on creating open source software to ensure th …
  • Red Hat and IBM Jointly File Another Amicus Brief In Google v. Oracle, Arguing APIs Are Not Copyrightable
    Sonntag 3:03 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    Monday Red Hat and IBM jointly filed their own amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in the „Google vs. Oracle“ case, arguing that APIs cannot be copyrighted. „That simple, yet powerful principle has been a cornerstone of technological and economic growth for over sixty years. When published (as has been common industry practice for over three decades) or lawfully reverse engineered, they have spurred innovation through competition, increased productivity and economic efficiency, and connected the world in a way that has benefited commercial enterprises and consumers alike.“ An anonymous re …
  • Slate Announces List of The 30 Most Evil Tech Companies
    Sonntag 1:34 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    An anonymous reader quotes Slate: Separating out the meaningful threats from the noise is hard. Is Facebook really the danger to democracy it looks like? Is Uber really worse than the system it replaced? Isn’t Amazon’s same-day delivery worth it? Which harms are real and which are hypothetical? Has the techlash gotten it right? And which of these companies is really the worst? Which ones might be, well, evil? We don’t mean evil in the mustache-twirling, burn-the-world-from-a-secret-lair sense — well, we mostly don’t mean that — but rather in the way Googlers once swore to avoid mission drift …
  • Microsoft's New Windows Terminal Preview Offers a Retro CRT Screen Effect
    Sonntag 0:34 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    „The release of the Windows Terminal preview v0.8 has arrived!“ announces a post on Microsoft’s Command Line blog: Search functionality has been added to the Terminal! The default key binding to invoke the search dropdown is {„command“: „find“, „keys“: [„ctrl+shift+f“]}. Feel free to customize this key binding in your profiles.json if you prefer different key presses! The dropdown allows you to search up and down through the buffer as well as with letter case matching. You can search through multiple tabs, reports the Verge — and those tabs can also be resized „so you can fit more tabs into V …
  • Exploit Fully Breaks SHA-1, Lowers the Attack Bar
    Samstag 23:34 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    ThreatPost reported on some big research last week: A proof-of-concept attack has been pioneered that „fully and practically“ breaks the Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (SHA-1) code-signing encryption, used by legacy computers to sign the certificates that authenticate software downloads and prevent man-in-the-middle tampering. The exploit was developed by Gaëtan Leurent and Thomas Peyrin, academic researchers at Inria France and Nanyang Technological University/Temasek Laboratories in Singapore. They noted that because the attack is much less complex and cheaper than previous PoCs, it places such att …
  • Facial Recognition Database With 3 Billion Scraped Images 'Might End Privacy as We Know It'
    Samstag 22:37 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    One police detective bragged that photos „could be covertly taken with a telephoto lens“ then input into Clearview AI’s database of more than three billion scraped images to immediately identify suspects. Long-time Slashdot reader v3rgEz writes: For the past year, government transparency non-profits and Open the Government have been digging into how local police departments around the country use facial recognition. The New York Times reports on their latest discovery: That a Peter Thiel-backed startup Clearview has scraped Facebook, Venmo, and dozens of other social media sites to create a ma …
  • MUnit Towards Automated Unit Test Cases
    Freitag 21:08 Prapakar Perumal at Feed
    Find out how to use MUnit with Mule for automated unit testing. Why Unit Testing? This is the first question most beginners ask when they struggle to relate unit test cases with real scenarios, like what value-added unit testing is doing. This was my first thought after reading JUnit documents fifteen years back. I am sure most new developers would have similar feelings after reading unit test documents alone, but I realized that unit testing is a powerful tool to release defect-free code to production. The unit testing helps to do regression testing and gives confidence for new developers to …
  • Your First Java AWS Lambda [Video]
    Freitag 21:08 Matthew Casperson at Feed
    AWS Lambdas provide a convenient environment in which to run short-lived applications without having to worry about provisioning the underlying hardware or manage operating systems. In this post, we’ll look at a simple Java application that can run as a Lambda. The source code for this application is available on GitHub.
  • Beginners Guide to Mocking in Scala
    Freitag 20:24 Anjali Sharma at Feed
    We all know that unit test cases are one of the most important parts of an application. No? Then, I must tell you that unit testing is one of the earliest tests to be performed on the unit of code, and the earlier the defects are detected, the easier it is to fix. It reduces the difficulties of discovering errors contained in more complex pieces of the application. So where does mocking come into the picture? Why do we need it? And how do we understand what we should mock while writing unit test cases? Answers to these questions are right below in this blog.
  • How to Learn MuleSoft: An Exciting and Viable Career Option on the Brink of Digital Evolution
    Freitag 17:23 krishna singh at Feed
    Nature has a way of forcing evolution, requiring one field after the next to transform in an attempt to stay competitive and viable. As mankind branches out further into the depths of complicated technological processes, so do the tools that help reach new heights; and at the forefront is technology. Businesses around the world are starting to follow their breathing counterparts, transforming into seemingly solo-functioning entities where little to no human interference is required. Thanks to MuleSoft, businesses have more freedom and creativity in their hands than ever before, using the appli …
  • 5 Amazing Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Action
    Freitag 17:23 Divya PS at Feed
    As scientists and researchers strive harder to make Artificial Intelligence (AI) mainstream, this ingenious technology is already making its way to our day to day lives and continues ushering across several industry verticals. From voice-powered personal assistants like Siri and Alexa to autonomously-powered self-driving vehicles, AI has been rearing itself as a force to be reckoned with. Many tech giants such as Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft have been making huge bets on the long-term growth potential of Artificial Intelligence. According to a report published by the research firm Ma …
  • ISP Selling Data: Why You Should Actually Care
    Freitag 16:34 Bernard Meyer at Feed
    Unbeknownst to you, there’s a good possibility that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) regularly sells your data to boost their profits.  Since the US Congress voted to roll back the FCC protections against the practice, American ISPs now have the opportunity to record, store, and sell the data that passes through their servers.
  • CRUD Operations Using ReactJS Hooks and Web API
    Freitag 16:29 Sanwar ranwa at Feed
    Introduction  In this article, we will explain how to implement Hooks in React. Hooks are a new concept that were introduced in React 16.8. Hooks are an alternative to classes. In this article, I’m going to create CRUD operations using React Hooks and Web API. You can check my previous article in which we use class components to perform CRUD from the following link,
  • Implementing Clustering With MuleSoft AnyPoint Runtime Manager
    Freitag 16:23 Jitendra Bafna at Feed
    Learn more about clustering with MuleSoft. 1.0 What Is Clustering? Clustering is a group of servers or mule runtime which acts as a single unit. Mulesoft Enterprise Edition supports scalable clustering to provide high availability for the Mulesoft application. In simple terms, virtual servers composed of multiple nodes and they communicate and share information through a distributed shared memory grid. You may also like: Clustering for Everyday Life
  • Django and React Single Page Application Development – Part 1
    Freitag 16:22 Can Burak at Feed
    Introduction In Pixly, we are using Django as our backend due to the excellent data science libraries and the great community in the Python ecosystem. However, when we have decided to make the frontend app as a single-page-application with React, we faced many difficulties. We hope that our tutorial will help newcomers a bit for solving their future problems. Requirements People who follow this tutorial should have at least an elementary level of knowledge about Python and a basic level of knowledge Django framework. Also, the basic level of Javascript and React is a must.
  • Top 5 Challenges in Agile Testing
    Freitag 16:18 priti gaikwad at Feed
    Can you complete the testing challenges? Testing challenges in agile has been a topic of woe for modern testers. This is mainly because it is one of the most frequented testing practices and methodologies. What does it mean to test on agile terms? Agile teams are required to release new features to the market in a matter of weeks, not months or years. Quality is essential to the agile method because its main focus is on satisfying customer requirements. The challenges in agile testing are how to test features rapidly and comprehensively as development velocity increases.
  • A Way Around Cache Eviction
    Freitag 16:18 John Vester at Feed
    Find your own way around! For decades, developers and designers have tried to optimize the performance of the systems and services they are providing: Operating systems in search of the fastest start-up time. Browsers trying to out-perform their competition. APIs doing their job as quickly as possible. Aside from throwing more processing power and memory at the solution or optimized source code design. The use of some form of cache is often introduced to give an additional boost in speed. The more that caching is implemented, the higher the probability that those caches need to be cleared, or …
  • CES 2020: A Shift From the Quantified Self to the Medical Self?
    Freitag 16:18 Cate Lawrence at Feed
    Find out more about the switch to the Medical Self. When you look at consumer health tech, you see a lot of ideas that fit more into the murky wellness category over medical. The reality is that device FDA approval or clearance is a complex process including over 1700 types of devices. The regulation process can last up to 18 months and this is after a company has completed rigorous medical trials, There’s even now startups such as Enzyme to guide startups through the regulatory and compliance lifecycle.
  • Git Branching: Don’t (Always) Follow the Best Practices
    Freitag 16:18 Shivam Mohan at Feed
    A debatable headline, I agree, but I will explain what it means and I hope that by the end of this short article, you will be equipped with enough parameters to chose your branching and versioning strategy and not make your decisions based purely on best practices. Gitflow has become the de facto branching strategy for most, if not all, modern companies, and there is not a shred of doubt that it works wonders if properly adhered to. Gitflow is an exhaustive model that encompasses the branching needs of products following varied software development lifecycles, be it a bi-weekly release cycle o …
  • 2019 Open Source Database Report
    Freitag 16:18 Kristi Anderson at Feed
    Ready to transition from a commercial database to open source, and want to know which databases are most popular in 2019? Wondering whether an on-premise vs. public cloud vs. hybrid cloud infrastructure is best for your database strategy? Or, considering adding a new database to your application and want to see which combinations are most popular? We found all the answers you need at the Percona Live event last month, and broke down the insights into the following free trends reports: Top Databases Used: Open Source vs. Commercial Cloud Infrastructure Analysis: Public Cloud vs. On-Premise vs. …
  • Introducing Picocog: A Lightweight Code Generation Library
    Freitag 16:18 Chris Ainsley at Feed
    Picocog is a lightweight and new open-source Java library created to make programmatic code generation quite easy. Code generation is the process by which source code can be automatically generated based on inputs.
  • Code Coverage vs Test Coverage — Which Is Better?
    Freitag 16:17 Himanshu Sheth at Feed
    Make sure you stay covered! Test Coverage and Code coverage are the most popular methodologies for measuring the effectiveness of the code. Though these terms are sometimes used interchangeably since their underlying principles are the same. But they are not as similar as you may think. Many times, I have noticed the testing team and development team being confused over the use of these two terminologies. This is why I thought of coming up with an article to talk about the differences between code coverage and test coverage in detail.
  • Managing Environments and Plugins in Maven
    Freitag 16:17 Venkat Akkineni at Feed
    It is amazing that in 2019, there are still no proper plugins for managing environments in Maven. The only one that makes an attempt at solving environment management issues is multienv-maven-plugin  ( by Khmarbaise. In this article, we discuss details about using the environments-maven-plugin, assess what multienv-maven-plugin is lacking, and look at potential solutions to this problem. Let’s get into it! Doesn’t Allow the Exclusion of Environments For almost all of the projects I have worked on, they have resource files both for various env …
  • Avoiding Pitfalls When Doing Microservices
    Freitag 16:17 Preetdeep Kumar at Feed
    Make sure to avoid these pitfalls! After being associated and worked on a Microservices based solution for more than a year both as a developer and leading development of a few services, I have more bad experiences to share rather than good ones. I understand that ‚Microservices‘ when done better, results in great return (NetFlix, Google, Amazon, etc.) but there are many pitfalls in this journey. Apparently, this journey when it becomes long enough makes executive management run out of patience and we start „Doing Microservices“ rather than „Being a Microservices solution team“.
  • Low Code Platforms — a Dangerous Bet
    Freitag 16:17 Andrey Glaschenko at Feed
    Is low code really low stress? The low code application platforms (LCAP) have emerged in response to the complexity and variety of the modern software development landscape. Mendix is one of the most prominent players in this space according to Gartner, so let me use it as a reference in this article. Similar conclusions would apply to Outsystems, Appian, Kony, Betty Blocks and many other platforms. You may also like: Understand No-Code and Low-Code Application Development Tools
  • Doubly Linked List in Java
    Freitag 16:11 Anders Olsen at Feed
    In this article, we’ll have a look at a data structure known as a doubly linked list. If you’re unfamiliar with linked lists, I highly recommend that you check out this tutorial on linked lists before proceeding. A doubly linked list (often abbreviated as DLL) is very much like a regular singly linked list (SLL).Both DLL and SLL contain a pointer to the next node, as well as a data field to represent the actual value stored in the node.
  • An Overview of the Priority Queue
    Freitag 16:09 Anders Olsen at Feed
    The priority queue is a somewhat similar data structure to the queue. The difference lies in how the elements are being processed: A standard queue strictly follows the FIFO (First-In-Last-Out) principle. A priority queue does not follow the FIFO principle. In a priority queue, the elements are being removed from the queue based on their priority. This translates to the requirement that:
  • Creating a .NET Core 2.1 Class Library Project Using ADO.NET
    Freitag 15:48 Chittaranjan Swain at Feed
    Introduction In this article, I am going to show you how to create a .NET Core 2.1 Class Library Project using ADO.NET. This class library project contains business logic functionality for inserting data into a database. Then, I am consuming this class library project in ASP.NET Core 2.1 MVC Application.
  • 25 Best APIs to Give Your Business a Head-Start
    Freitag 15:43 Siddhant Sharma at Feed
    The integration of APIs is one of the most effective ways to build new features in online businesses and increase their revenue and growth. Smartly chosen APIs not only save time but are also quality-driven and cost-effective. In this article, we’ve highlighted a curated collection of 25 of the best APIs available to achieve common features. The benefits of these APIs are not always obvious or visible as these are something that works behind the scenes. Therefore, before we dig right into the Best APIs, let us first understand what an API is.
  • Comparison of MS SQL Server Data Modeling Tools: Data Types
    Freitag 15:43 John Slaven at Feed
    Comparison of MS SQL Server Data Modeling Tools This table lists the most widely used data modeling tools currently in use. Tools are compared to Microsoft SQL Server (MSS) supported type. Note that the comparison concerns the support of the 2016 and 2017 SSM version.   Dezign for Databases 10.0.2 ERBuilder
  • How AI Is Intercepting Ancient Radio Signals From Space
    Freitag 15:43 Thomas Griffin at Feed
    As a species, our curiosity over UFOs has grown over thousands of years. The earliest instance of people communicating about other-worldly beings dates back to artwork found on cave walls over 10,000 years ago. Long after our days of living in caves, the invention of sci-fi literature and books carried this interest to new heights. Today, we are going to take a look at a tangible piece of evidence that has astronomers stumped. Scientists were so concerned with other-worldly sounds that they invented a machine that uses artificial intelligence to capture these strange phenomena in real-time. We …