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  • How Union Organizers Will Continue Their Fight With Amazon
    Sonntag 19:34 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    „The lopsided vote against a union at Amazon’s warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama, was a major disappointment to organized labor…“ writes the New York Times. „Yet the defeat doesn’t mark the end of the campaign against Amazon so much as a shift in strategy.“ The article notes unions and other labor groups enjoyed more success when opposing Amazon’s plans for a New York headquarters by joining with local politicians and nonprofit organizations: In interviews, labor leaders said they would step up their informal efforts to highlight and resist the company’s business and labor practices rather than …
  • Astronomers Detect a Bright-Blue Bridge of Stars, and It's About To Blow
    Sonntag 18:34 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    „Astrophysicists have found a new region of the Milky Way, and it’s filled with searingly hot, bright-blue stars that are about to explode,“ writes Live Science (in a report shared by long-time Slashdot reader fahrbot-bot): The researchers were creating the most detailed map yet of the star-flecked spiral arms of our galactic neighborhood with the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Gaia telescope when they discovered the region, which they have named the Cepheus spur, they reported in a new study. Nestled between the Orion Arm — where our solar system is — and the constellation Perseus, the spur is …
  • Building Dark Mode
    Sonntag 18:01 Robin Rendle at Feed
    Like many companies, we have a Hack Week at Sentry. In 2017, we coded an app which blared entrance music for anyone who stepped foot in our office. In 2019, we encouraged folks to be nice on the Internet. Noble causes, sure, but for this year’s Hack Week I was determined to advance a cause near and dear to my cold British heart: dark mode. Little did I know that what started as a minor hack week project would become a major lift that included pantone colors, hex codes, and all sorts of variables.
  • Not Compromised in Supply Chain Attack, but User Database Leak Possible
    Sonntag 17:34 EditorDavid at Slashdot’s developer newsletter reports: The PHP team no longer believes the server was compromised in a recent attack, which prompted PHP to move servers to GitHub and caused the team to temporarily put releases on hold until mid-April… In an update offering further insight into the root cause of the late March attack, the team says because it’s possible the user database was exposed, has been moved to The team also reset passwords, and you can visit to set a new password. In addition, git.php. …
  • A Programmer Learning List (for Beginners)
    Sonntag 17:22 Michael Snoyman at Feed
    My friend has a son who’s graduating high school soon. He’s been learning some programming and is considering it for his career. He asked me a question I hear often: what should I learn next? When I was first learning to code, I always assumed the answer to „what should I learn next“ would be a new programming technique, a new language, a new library, or something along those lines. As I’ve progressed through my career, and especially as I’ve been on the other side of the interview desk, I’ve changed my tune significantly. My standard response to new programmers is that, in addition to honing …
  • Extended Events: Avoid the XML
    Sonntag 16:56 Grant Fritchey at Feed
    One story I hear over and over goes like this: I tried setting up Extended Events, but then I saw the output was XML so I stopped. Look, I get it. I don’t like XML either. It’s a pain to work with. It’s actively difficult to write queries against it. If there weren’t a ton of ways to avoid the XML, yeah, I would never advocate for Extended Events. However, here we are, I have ten pages of blog posts that at least mention Extended Events. Why? Because I avoid the XML (most of the time). Lots of other people do as well. You can too. Let’s see how.
  • NASA's Mars Helicopter Flight Postponed to No Earlier than This Wednesday
    Sonntag 16:34 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    An anonymous reader shares this announcement from NASA: Based on data from the Ingenuity Mars helicopter that arrived late Friday night, NASA has chosen to reschedule the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter’s first experimental flight to no earlier than April 14 [this Wednesday]. During a high-speed spin test of the rotors on Friday, the command sequence controlling the test ended early due to a „watchdog“ timer expiration. This occurred as it was trying to transition the flight computer from ‚Pre-Flight‘ to ‚Flight‘ mode. The helicopter is safe and healthy and communicated its full telemetry set to Ear …
  • mysqldump Best Practices (Part 2): Migrations Guide
    Sonntag 16:29 Prasad Nagaraj at Feed
    (Part 1 here) In the second and final part of our mysqldump best practices we will talk about how to handle the migration and import for stored-program objects and views from your MySQL database. To read more about the prerequisites for a successful dump and restore operation for large MySQL databases, check out the first part of this 2-part blog series.
  • What Is Microbenchmarking?
    Sonntag 16:10 Gaurav Gaur at Feed
    Introduction Optimisation of code is an endless struggle. It is often even hard to produce meaningful metrics using jvm as it is an adaptive virtual machine. The article is a brief introduction to microbenchmarking, why microbenchmark, when to consider it, and finally, pitfalls to avoid What Is a Microbenchmark A microbenchmark is an attempt to measure the performance of a small unit of code. The tests are usually in the sub-millisecond range. The tests can help determine how the code is going to behave when released into production. These tests are guide to a better implementation.
  • SQLiteOpenHelper and Database Inspector in Android
    Sonntag 15:52 Thomas Plathanath Mathew at Feed
    What Is SQLite? SQLite is an open-source relational database, similar to MySQL. Android includes a SQLite library in its standard library that implements a serverless, zero-configuration, and transactional SQL database engine. SQLite does not run on a database server, but stores all its data in simple files. A complete SQLite database with many tables, triggers, indices, and views is contained in a single disk file. SQLite is built into all mobile phones and most computers and comes bundled inside. It carries lightweight data and does not require any administration or setup procedure of the da …
  • Bad Code Reviews Wreck Morale. We Need a Different Outlook
    Sonntag 15:27 Jasper Sprengers at Feed
    I love reviews. When it comes to new gadgets and whether they’re worth my money, it’s a blessing to have so much free advice to guide your choice. Last year I bought a new digital piano online, purely based on internet reviews since retail was locked down and I couldn’t try it out anywhere. Most reviews were favorable to raving, so I found safety in numbers there. Sure, retailers reviewing their own wares are naturally biased, but then again nobody would go to the trouble of a scathing review simply because they don’t like music in general or have it in for Casio as a company. Pianos are not c …
  • Done With A Feature. So What’s Next?
    Sonntag 15:07 Suparna Shaligram at Feed
    Often a scrum team decides to implement a feature in a sprint, codes it and sends it to testing. At this stage, the product owner, scrum master, and the team often get a false impression that the feature is almost done and what remains is just testing and releasing it to production. Right?Wrong! Experience has shown that this only the start. The battle is only half won and there are many hurdles to get that feature to the finish line. Our scrum team went through several sprints where we thought we were ready to release a feature to production but “something” came up towards the end of the spri …
  • Attackers Can Now Remotely Deactivate WhatsApp on Your Phone
    Sonntag 13:04 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    „Using just your phone number, a remote attacker can easily deactivate WhatsApp on your phone and then stop you getting back in,“ reports a new article in Forbes. „Even two-factor authentication will not stop this…“ The attacker triggers a 12-hour freeze on new verification codes being sent to your phone — then simply reports that same phone number as a lost/stolen phone needing deactivation. There are apparently no follow-up questions, and „an automated process has been triggered, without your knowledge, and your account will now be deactivated,“ Forbes writes. The phone can’t be reactivate …
  • Learning 10 Key Concepts of Java Programming Using Coding Problems [Video]
    Sonntag 12:58 Tarun Telang at Feed
    Below is my video series on how to solve Java Practice Challenge Problems from HackerRank with detailed explanations. These videos will help you in building up your understanding of key concepts of the Java programming language. 
  • AWS Basics: Bastion Hosts and NAT
    Sonntag 12:42 Jawad Hasan Shani at Feed
    Introduction In my previous post on AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Basics, we launched two EC2 instances. One is a public subnet and one is a private subnet. With security groups configured, we were able to SSH to EC2 in a public subnet. In this post, we will continue and set up Bastion Host and NAT instances in our VPC. We will learn why we need those and some of the options available to us.
  • How to Get Macro Information From Word and Excel in Java
    Sonntag 12:12 Laura Bouchard at Feed
    According to the Microsoft website, a macro is a series of commands that you can use to automate a repeated task and can be run when you must perform the task. The use of macro instructions was originally initiated for assembly language programming to perform two main purposes: to reduce the amount of coding that had to be written by generating several assembly language statements from one macro instruction, and to enforce program writing standards. Nowadays, macros are used for a wide variety of purposes and industries; Microsoft applications currently use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) …
  • How to Leverage Cloud-Native Environments for App Development
    Sonntag 11:57 Parth Bari at Feed
    The last decade has been all about the rise of cloud-based services, especially when you consider the advancement of streaming services like  Netflix or Spotify. The demand for cloud-based services grew by 18% in 2017, with market revenue of $246.8 billion. In 2020, a global pandemic pushed many brick-and-mortar businesses to go online. During this digital transformation, one service has been facilitating scalability in the cloud.
  • Caching Ruby Gems on Github Actions Using ruby/setup-ruby or actions/cache
    Sonntag 11:49 Artur Trzop at Feed
    How to start CI build faster by loading Ruby gems from cache on Github Actions? You can start running your tests for a Ruby on Rails project quicker if you manage to set up all dependencies in a short amount of time. Caching can be helpful with that. Ruby gems needed for your project can be cached by Github Actions and thanks to that they can be loaded much faster when you run a new CI build. You will learn how to configure Github Actions using:
  • Adherence Enterprise Project Gating Governance With Agile DevOps
    Sonntag 11:43 Gary Li at Feed
    Enterprise Project Stage Gating In the current IT project management, many organizations adopt the Project Gating process to manage projects‘ life cycles. Project Gates and Checkpoint Reviews provide key communication opportunities for projects to move through from each phase or specific elaboration steps. Gates and Checkpoint reviews also provide a formal means of controlling the quality of deliverables, reducing project risk, monitoring change requests, and maintaining stakeholder interest. The gateway process consists of gates that align with each phase of the project life-Cycle, where the …
  • Ionic, Flutter, and React Native: When To Use Them
    Sonntag 11:20 Sandip Patel at Feed
    In this article, we will see what Cross-Platform App Frameworks: Ionic, Flutter, and React Native are and when to use them. Each of these frameworks allows you to build an app for both the major platforms: iOS and Android. All of these frameworks are popular in the mobile app development world as they allow developers to build applications using a single source code for every platform. It costs less, hence, the demand for cross-platform app development has increased over the past decade.
  • Generating a Hyperlambda Database CRUD backend
    Sonntag 11:13 Thomas Hansen at Feed
    This is going to be a „different“ tutorial, since instead of creating code ourselves, we will use Magic to generate our code, and analyse what Magic did afterwards. If you prefer to watch a video where I demonstrate this process, you can watch the following video. As you can see in the above video, what Magic does for us, is to provide us with a starting point, from where we can modify the code, to have it do whatever we want it to do for us. However, in order to modify the code, we’ll need to understand it. So let us walk through it step by step, starting out with creating our database, endin …
  • Flutter 2.0: All About the New Updates for App Development
    Sonntag 10:57 Sourabh Nagar at Feed
    Over 150,000 Flutter applications have so far been launched into the Google Play Store. The open-source app development framework has been widely accepted by the developer community. No surprises thus that Flutter 2.0 was a much-awaited launch. Is it just hype with no substance? Or will Flutter 2.0 change application development? Let’s dig in. For starters, Flutter 2.0 is now a complete UI toolkit with a clear potential to build apps for any platform — the mobile, the desktop, the web, or even the emerging form factors such as foldable devices.
  • Hibernate Vs. JPA
    Sonntag 10:24 Gregory Anne at Feed
    In this article, I would like to discuss the difference between Hibernate and JPA, and the use cases made of these technologies on (old and new) projects; the history is important. Then we will deduce the orientations that we wish to give on modern projects.
  • CI/CD Meets Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence
    Sonntag 9:44 Erick Jones at Feed
    Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) is built on the power of Oracle’s industry-leading business intelligence tool Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE). This allows users to build powerful data visualization with real-time data that highlights data patterns and encourages data exploration instead of delivering static flat reports. OTBI provides users a wide variety of data visualization options from standard graphs to advanced visuals such as trellis, treemaps, performance tiles, KPIs, and others. Introducing a CI/CD Solution for OTBI FlexDeploy has an innovativ …
  • Elon Musk's Boring Company Finally Unveils Las Vegas Tunnel
    Sonntag 9:34 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    Elon Musk’s Boring Company showed off its 1.7 mile loop of tunnel underneath the Las Vegas Convention Center this week, and Electrek writes that „it proved to be, well, quite boring… The vehicles are not going faster than 35 mph, and they are not being driven autonomously.“ CNET’s headline even calls the tunnel „lame,“ complaining that the project „is quickly turning into Tesla cars driving people underground, rather than some sort of futuristic transport system.“ „Detractors say that makes The Boring Company’s projects little more than reinvented subways with significantly less passenger ca …
  • Defining GitOps: Making Git Your Single Source of Truth [Podcast]
    Sonntag 9:33 Kevin Montalbo at Feed
    What Is GitOps and Why Is It Such a Big Deal? According to Weaveworks, the company who coined the term „GitOps,“ defining the term is two-fold. First, it is „an operating model for Kubernetes and other cloud-native technologies, providing a set of best practices that unify deployment, management, and monitoring for containerized clusters and applications.“
  • SQL DB Is Not ''The Only Thing You Need''
    Sonntag 9:01 Sergey Kovalev at Feed
    Introduction After facing some legacy systems lately and complaints that ‚SQL DB is bottleneck‘ and ‚we have huge SQL cluster‘, usually accompanying with something like ‚we plan to switch to microservices.‘ The idea came up to my mind that somehow ‚microservices pattern‘ is usually interpreted as separating ‚calculation‘ or ‚processing‘ but not about data storage separation. SQL database in legacy solution is usually used for storing and sometimes processing of:
  • Poem Generator Web Application With Keras, React, and Flask
    Sonntag 8:37 Mahboob Hussain at Feed
    Introduction Natural Language Processing (NLP) is an exciting branch of machine learning and artificial intelligence, as it is applied in speech recognition, language translation, human-computer interaction, sentiment analysis, etc. One of the interesting areas is text generation, and of particular interest to me, is poem generation. In this article, I describe a poem generator web application, which I built using Deep Learning with Keras, Flask, and React. The core algorithm is from TensorFlow available in their notebook. The data it needs is an existing set of poems. For my application, the …
  • Understanding Salesforce Composite Connector With MuleSoft
    Sonntag 8:33 Jitendra Bafna at Feed
    This article will talk about the Salesforce Composite Connector and what are the various operations provided by the Salesforce Composite Connector. It will also talks about what are the different authentication mechanism supported to connect Salesforce and how to configure it. Salesforce Composite Connector enable you to access various resources, objects or services in the Salesforce using the single API call. It is Anypoint Connector which allows you to use the Salesforce Composite Batch, Request and sObject tree api’s.
  • MuleSoft and Anypoint Platform Video Tutorials and Articles For Beginners To Experienced [Basic To Complex]
    Sonntag 8:21 Jitendra Bafna at Feed
    Hi Muleys, There are more than 270+ videos published on YouTube and 100+ articles on DZone which includes Basic to Complex topics related to MuleSoft and Anypoint Platform. Most of the video tutorials are in real use cases and explained everything in a simple way with a live demonstration.
  • Still-Unidentified Flying Drones Harassed Multiple US Navy Destroyers in 2019
    Sonntag 6:34 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    Slashdot reader alaskana98 shared this report from The Drive: In July of 2019, a truly bizarre series of events unfolded around California’s Channel Islands. Over a number of days, groups of unidentified aircraft, which the U.S. Navy simply refers to as ‚drones‘ or ‚UAVs,‘ pursued that service’s vessels, prompting a high-level investigation. During the evening encounters, as many as six aircraft were reported swarming around the ships at once. The drones were described as flying for prolonged periods in low-visibility conditions, and performing brazen maneuvers over the Navy warships near a se …
  • How an Online 'Lego' Gamer Infiltrated the White House Press Corps
    Sonntag 3:34 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    Four times in recent weeks, the White House press secretary was relayed questions from someone that Mediate describes as „a gag persona for a former Secretary of State made of Legos.“ The reporters believed they were helping a real reporter who was prohibited by Covid protocols from attending. Politico reports: That colleague, who goes by the name Kacey Montagu, doesn’t exist — at least not as an actual reporter. Since late last year, Montagu has taken on the identity of a White House correspondent extraordinaire with a fictional outlet to boot: White House News, shortened in emails to WHN… …
  • Reactions to Arch Linux's New Guided Installer
    Sonntag 0:34 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    Long-time Slashdot reader xiando quotes LinuxReviews: The community distribution Arch Linux has up to now required you to manually install it by entering a whole lot of scary commands in a terminal. Arch version 2021.04.01 features a new guided installer [reached by] typing python -m archinstall guided into the console you get when you boot the Arch Linux installation ISO. It is not very novice-friendly, or user-friendly, but it gets the job done and it will work fine for those with some basic GNU/Linux knowledge. Tech Radar writes that previously Arch Linux had „a rather convoluted installati …
  • Melting Ice Sheets Triggered 60 Feet of Sea Level Rise 14,600 Years Ago
    Samstag 23:34 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    „New research has found that previous ice loss events could have caused sea-level rise at rates of around 3.6 meters per century, offering vital clues as to what lies ahead should climate change continue unabated,“ reports A team of scientists, led by researchers from Durham University, used geological records of past sea levels to shed light on the ice sheets responsible for a rapid pulse of sea-level rise in Earth’s recent past. Geological records tell us that, at the end of the last ice age around 14,600 years ago, sea levels rose at ten times the current rate due to Meltwater Pul …
  • Would You Tell an Angel Investor How to Start a New Country?
    Samstag 22:34 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    Angel investor Balaji S. Srinivasan (also the former CTO of Coinbase) is now focused on, which wants to give you money to do his bidding — or something like that. He’s calling it „the first newsletter that pays you. „It has a regular feed of paid tasks and tutorials with $1000+ in crypto prizes per day, and doubles as a vehicle for distributing a new book I’ve been writing called The Network State.“ His latest post? „How to Start a New Country“ (which envisions starting with a „cloud first“ digital community): We recruit online for a group of people interested in founding a new virtua …
  • Tips for Architecture Management/How to Work With President Business
    Samstag 21:50 Stuart Meikle at Feed
    Some days I think that life as a software architect runs like the story from the LEGO Movie:“We have to do the right thing,unblock creativity,save the world,free the master-builders,prevent the destruction of everything,beat the bad guy,but also — fall in love with the business,help them to understand why they feel the way they do,guide them to enlightenment,so we can all live in peace and prosperity together.“There are so many obstacles to success and a big part of managing your software architecture is getting the business folks on board, getting them to understand what you are saying, why …
  • In Serious Incident, Software Glitch Miscalculates the Weight of Three UK Flights
    Samstag 21:34 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    A software mistake caused a flight on Tui airlines „to take off heavier than expected,“ according to The Guardian, citing an investigation by the UK’s Air Accidents Investigation Branch An update to the airline’s reservation system while its planes were grounded due to the coronavirus pandemic led to 38 passengers on the flight being allocated a child’s „standard weight“ of 35kg [77 pounds] as opposed to the adult figure of 69kg [152 pounds]. This caused the load sheet — produced for the captain to calculate what inputs are needed for take-off — to state that the Boeing 737 was more than 1,200 …
  • Using Jenkins as Your Go-to CI/CD Tool
    Samstag 21:02 Dinakar Rayapudi at Feed
    Introduction Everyone loves Agile and the way it is replacing all the older methodologies and development models with a streamlined and sustainable system for faster delivery cycles. However, the ever-prevailing manual testing practice has always kept the QA teams from entirely adopting Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, making Agility unreachable. Fortunately, tools like Jenkins help reach the goals of the CI/CD pipeline, i.e., to maintain a continuous flow of software updates in production and shorter release cycles at reduced costs. Jenkins and Its Relation to DevOps and CI/CD …
  • Connecting Expo Built Mobile Apps to Localhost Deployed APIs
    Samstag 20:44 Mahdi Karimipour at Feed
    When connecting an iOS or Android app built using Expo to your data endpoints hosted on your localhost, you might hit a couple of roadblocks in terms of connectivity. This article covers ways to fix that issue in the subsections below. SAME Wi-Fi Talking about the obvious, you need to make sure you are connected to the same Wi-Fi on both the device and your machine, so that 192.168 means the same thing.
  • Scientists Connect Human Brain To Computer Wirelessly For First Time Ever
    Samstag 20:34 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    „Scientists have demonstrated the first human use of a wireless brain-computer interface, a potential breakthrough for people with paralysis,“ reports The Next Web (in a story shared by Slashdot reader Hmmmmmm): While traditional BCIs are tethered to users via cables, the new system — called BrainGate — replaces the cords with a small transmitter affixed atop a users‘ head. The unit then connects to an electrode array implanted in the brain’s motor cortex. In a clinical trial, two participants with paralysis used the system to point, click, and type on a standard tablet computer. They both ach …