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  • Android: Diese sechs Funktionen kommen noch vor Android 12
    Donnerstag 16:25 Denise Bergert at COMPUTERWOCHE: Online-Artikel, Online-News, Workshop, International, Was ist?
    Noch vor dem Release von Android 12 will Google Android-Geräte mit diesen sechs neuen Features ausstatten.
  • Digitalisierung in der Luftfracht: Die IT-Strategie von Lufthansa-Cargo-CIO Göttelmann
    Donnerstag 16:03 Andrea König at COMPUTERWOCHE: Online-Artikel, Online-News, Workshop, International, Was ist?
    Lufthansa Cargo hat den Anspruch, die Digitalisierung der Luftfracht anzuführen. CIO Jochen Göttelmann nimmt die Zuhörer bei den Hamburger IT-Strategietagen mit auf den “digital journey” einer Fracht. …
  • Software AG und Automation Anywhere: RPA meets Process Mining
    Donnerstag 14:23 COMPUTERWOCHE: Online-Artikel, Online-News, Workshop, International, Was ist?
    Gemeinsam mit dem RPA-Spezialisten Automation Anywhere schnürt die Software AG ein Paket rund um Geschäftsprozess-Automatisierung. Gegenüber Finanzanalysten kündigten die Darmstädter zudem die Rückkeh …
  • Gerd Leonhard: Zukunftsforscher sieht Renaissance der Menschlichkeit kommen
    Donnerstag 12:59 Alexandra Mesmer at COMPUTERWOCHE: Online-Artikel, Online-News, Workshop, International, Was ist?
    Vordenker Gerd Leonhard appellierte an die CIO-Community, jeden Tag eine Stunde nachzudenken, was morgen sein könnte.
  • Vergleichstest: Android-Schutz-Apps für Unternehmen
    Donnerstag 11:33 Frank Ziemann at COMPUTERWOCHE: Online-Artikel, Online-News, Workshop, International, Was ist?
    Das AV-Test Institut hat drei Schutzlösungen für Android getestet, die für Geräte im Unternehmenseinsatz gedacht sind. Alle drei Sicherheits-Apps haben die volle Punktzahl erreicht.
  • Chrome: Cookies löschen
    Donnerstag 11:15 Thomas Rieske at COMPUTERWOCHE: Online-Artikel, Online-News, Workshop, International, Was ist?
    Google Chrome speichert nutzerbezogene Informationen in Form von Cookies, etwa Ihre Einstellungen zur bevorzugten Sprache einer Website. Aber auch die automatische Anmeldung bei Internetseiten wird da …

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  • How To Set Up Monitoring Using Prometheus and Grafana
    Freitag 0:12 Noorain Panjwani at Feed
    Introduction So you have finally written and deployed your first microservice? Or maybe you have decided to embark on the microservices adventure to future-proof yourself? Either way, congratulations! …
  • Facebook Is Considering Facial Recognition For Its Upcoming Smart Glasses
    Donnerstag 23:55 msmash at Slashdot
    Facebook is discussing building facial recognition into its upcoming smart glasses product and has been weighing the legal implications of the controversial technology, Buzzfeed News reported citing r …
  • How To Build an Interactive MRR Report Using Quickbooks Data
    Donnerstag 23:52 Hassan Syyid at Feed
    Introduction Often, companies want to use data they have to analyze trends. For example, if you want to look at accounting trends, common questions are: How is my monthly recurring revenue (MRR) trend …
  • An Introduction To Data Connectivity and Data Connectivity Solutions
    Donnerstag 23:37 Joydip Kanjilal at Feed
    Introduction In today’s world, data is the crux of major business decisions used by organizations all over the world. As such, it is imperative that the organizations have access to the right data and …
  • Electronic Arts Cancels 'Gaia' Game After Years in Development
    Donnerstag 23:00 msmash at Slashdot
    Video game publisher Electronic Arts has canceled a game that was in development at its Montreal office for nearly six years, Bloomberg reported Thursday, citing people familiar with the matter. From …
  • Customizing Oracle EBS Applications Continued
    Donnerstag 22:47 Puneet Kakkar at Feed
    Introduction In my previous article, we learned about showing an XML publisher report as an embedded region in the Oracle Applications framework page. In this current article, we will use the same pag …

Web Development News

  • An Interactive Guide to CSS Transitions
    Freitag 0:30 Chris Coyier at CSS-Tricks
    A wonderful post by Josh that both introduces CSS transitions and covers the nuances for using them effectively. I like the advice about transitioning the position of an element, leaving the original …
  • Ensuring the correct vertical position of large text
    Freitag 0:30 Chris Coyier at CSS-Tricks
    Tobi Reif notes how the position of custom fonts set at very large font sizes can be super different, even in the same browser across operating systems. The solution? Well, you know how there are cert …
  • How We Improved the Accessibility of Our Single Page App Menu
    Donnerstag 16:43 Luke Denton at CSS-Tricks
    I recently started working on a Progressive Web App (PWA) for a client with my team. We’re using React with client-side routing via React Router, and one of the first elements that we made was the mai …
  • Boost app engagement with chat, voice, and video APIs
    Donnerstag 16:42 Chris Coyier at CSS-Tricks
    Sendbird is a service for helping you add social features to your app. Wanna add in-app chat? Sendbird does that. Wanna add in-app voice or video calls? Sendbird does that. Here’s how I always think a …
  • Building A Discord Bot Using Discord.js
    Donnerstag 13:00 at Articles on Smashing Magazine — For Web Designers And Developers
    An introduction to building a Discord bot using the Discord.js module. The bot will share random jokes, assign or revoke user roles, and post tweets of a specific account to a Discord channel.
  • Teaching Web Dev for Free is Good Business
    Mittwoch 23:32 Chris Coyier at CSS-Tricks
    It feels like a trend (and a smart one) for tech platforms to invest in really high-quality learning material for their platform. Let’s have a gander. Webflow University Surely Webflow is thinking: if …

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