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  • Open-Source-Werkzeuge fürs automatisierte Pentesting
    Dienstag 10:30 Programmierung
    Agile Softwareentwicklung stellt Programmierer vor einige Schwierigkeiten. Damit die Sicherheit nicht vernachlässigt wird, bieten sich automatisierte Tests an.
  • Programmiersprache: Elixir 1.9 bringt Releases
    Dienstag 9:45 Programmierung
    Releases ermöglichen es Entwicklern, ihren Code und die Laufzeitumgebung in einer einzigen Einheit vorzukompilieren und zu verpacken.
  • Neues Lernen bei MaibornWolff: Der Chatbot gibt den Lernimpuls
    Dienstag 9:30 Alexandra Mesmer at COMPUTERWOCHE: Online-Artikel, Online-News, International
    Lebenslanges Lernen funktioniert nur, wenn das vermittelte Wissen hilft, unser Problem schnell zu lösen. Die IT-Beratung MaibornWolff setzt darum auf kürzere und situative Lernangebote, die sich die M …
  • 7 Punkte: So bekommen Sie die IIoT-Datenintegration in den Griff
    Dienstag 7:24 Steffen Brehme at COMPUTERWOCHE: Online-Artikel, Online-News, International
    Die Theorie für IIoT: Smarte Maschinen arbeiten schneller und präziser, kostengünstiger und effizienter als der Mensch – und sie kooperieren miteinander. Für die Realisierung braucht es jedoch eine St …
  • Tipps für's Netzwerken: Networking für Schüchterne
    Dienstag 7:14 Meridith Levinson, Florian Maier at COMPUTERWOCHE: Online-Artikel, Online-News, International
    Wenn Sie ein schüchterner Mensch sind, kann sich Networking wie pure Folter anfühlen. Wir geben Ihnen 17 Strategien an die Hand, damit die Kontaktaufnahme und -pflege trotzdem klappt.
  • Internet of Things: So verkürzen Sie das Time-to-Market Ihrer IoT-Projekte
    Dienstag 7:13 Marten Schirge at COMPUTERWOCHE: Online-Artikel, Online-News, International
    Der Mehrwert von IoT-Projekten stellt sich oft erst spät ein. Wer diese Punkte beachtet, hält den Time-to-Market kurz und kommt schneller zum Erfolg.

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Coding News

  • MQTT Data Throttling
    Dienstag 12:56 Gianluca Finocchiaro at Feed
    This article was first published on the MQTT.Cool blog. Most MQTT brokers currently available on the market provide native support for WebSockets, thus enabling any MQTT JavaScript library to establis …
  • How to Import a Maven Spring Boot Application in Eclipse [Video]
    Dienstag 12:01 Ram N at Feed
    In the video below, we take a closer look at how to import the Maven Spring Boot application in Eclipse. Let’s get started! Check out the links below to download the code and PPT:
  • Apple's Seattle Workforce Will Quintuple By 2024
    Dienstag 12:00 BeauHD at Slashdot
    Apple is planning on bringing 2,000 jobs to Seattle by 2024 — twice the number it initially planned. Engadget reports: The new roles would focus on software and hardware and effectively multiply Appl …
  • MongoDB 4.2 (Beta) Announced at MongoDB World 2019
    Dienstag 11:01 Zeeshan Anwar at Feed
    This week at MongoDB World, Elliot Horowitz, CTO and Co-founder at MongoDB, announced many different new and exciting features in the MongoDB 4.2 release. Out of many new features, I am highlighting a …
  • Thoughts on Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency
    Dienstag 11:01 Bozhidar Bozhanov at Feed
    Facebook announced recently that by 2020, they will roll out Libra — their blockchain-based cryptocurrency. It is, of course, major news, as it has the potential to disrupt the payment and banking sec …
  • DevSecOps Keys to Success
    Dienstag 11:01 Tom Smith at Feed
    To understand the current and future state of DevSecOps, we gathered insights from 29 IT professionals in 27 companies. We asked them, „What do you consider to be the most important elements of a succ …

Web Development News

  • Render Snarky Comments in Comic Sans
    Dienstag 0:29 Chris Coyier at CSS-Tricks
    Hilarious idea by Zach Leatherman. To test if a comment is „snarky“ or not, there is an npm package up to the task. On this site, we generally just delete snarky comments, but I still run a WordPress …
  • A Chat with Chris Coyier, Web Design Influencer & Entrepreneur
    Montag 19:40 Eric Karkovack at Speckyboy Design Magazine
    The ability to influence the web design community generally comes via two very different paths. One is to create compelling content that helps others level up their skills by introducing… The post A …
  • Building a Conference Schedule with CSS Grid
    Montag 16:21 Mark Root-Wiley at CSS-Tricks
    It’s hard to beat the feeling of finding a perfect use for a new technology. You can read every handy primer under the sun and ooh-and-ahh at flashy demos, but the first time you use it on your own pr …
  • What I Learned From Designing AR Apps
    Montag 12:00 at Articles on Smashing Magazine — For Web Designers And Developers
    The digital and technological landscape is constantly changing — new products and technologies are popping up every day. Designers have to keep track of what is trending and where creative opportuniti …
  • Adding Warmth and Personality to Websites with Human Illustrations
    Sonntag 18:26 Nataly Birch at Speckyboy Design Magazine
    When it comes to excelling with visual appeal, there is no better way than to use illustrations on your website. Of course, it is not something that can be created… The post Adding Warmth and Person …
  • Weekly News for Designers № 493
    Sonntag 13:21 Speckyboy Editors at Speckyboy Design Magazine
    This week’s Designer News (№ 493) includes A Guide to Only the Best Open-Source Typefaces, The Sustainable Web Manifesto, Styling In Modern Web Apps, The World Needs a Tech Diet; Here is How Designers …

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