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  • NVIDIA Cancels GeForce RTX 3080 20GB and RTX 3070 16GB: Report
    Freitag 22:10 msmash at Slashdot
    VideoCardz reports: NVIDIA has just told its board partners that it will not launch GeForce RTX 3080 20GB and RTX 3070 16GB cards as planned. NVIDIA allegedly cancels its December launch of GeForce RT …
  • National Guard Called In To Thwart Cyberattack in Louisiana Weeks Before Election
    Freitag 21:30 msmash at Slashdot
    The Louisiana National Guard was called in to stop a series of cyberattacks aimed at small government offices across the state in recent weeks, Reuters reported Friday, citing two people with knowledg …
  • NASA To Announce New Science Results About Moon
    Freitag 20:51 msmash at Slashdot
    NASA will announce an exciting new discovery about the Moon from the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) at a media teleconference at 12 p.m. EDT Monday, Oct. 26. Audio of the tel …
  • Xbox Chief Phil Spencer Hints at an xCloud Streaming Stick
    Freitag 20:17 msmash at Slashdot
    Microsoft has teased a Chromecast-style dongle for xCloud, a video game streaming service that currently comes bundled with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. From a report: In an interview with Stratechery, Xb …
  • 4 Ways Big Data Is Evolving Risk Management
    Freitag 19:47 Rahul Asthana at Feed
    In the digital era, Big Data has drastically changed the landscape of business and risk management. With unlimited access to information about potential customers and user behavior, companies are usin …
  • 5 Things to Know Before Starting an AI Project
    Freitag 19:42 Srini Pesala at Feed
    Suppose you have an opportunity to create a project on AI. Consider these five stages before starting. These five are learning, programming language, knowledge representation, problem solving, and har …

Web Development News

  • How To Overcome Data Onboarding Challenges For Software Products
    Freitag 20:00 at Articles on Smashing Magazine — For Web Designers And Developers
    Data onboarding with a custom-built solution can be a difficult and error-prone process. This article takes a closer look at how Flatfile Concierge deals with this particular problem.
  • CSS in 3D: Learning to Think in Cubes Instead of Boxes
    Freitag 16:19 Jhey Tompkins at CSS-Tricks
    My path to learning CSS was a little unorthodox. I didn’t start as a front-end developer. I was a Java developer. In fact, my earliest recollections of CSS were picking colors for things in Visual Stu …
  • Weekly News for Designers № 563
    Freitag 15:51 Speckyboy at Speckyboy Design Magazine
    This week’s Designer News – № 563 – includes Layoutit Grid CSS Grid Builder, 12 Timeless UI Patterns Analyzed, How to Create a Realistic Motion Blur with CSS Transitions, iPhone 12 Pro Mockups, Tips f …
  • Create an FAQ Slack app with Netlify functions and FaunaDB
    Donnerstag 16:49 Matthew Williams at CSS-Tricks
    Sometimes, when you’re looking for a quick answer, it’s really useful to have an FAQ system in place, rather than waiting for someone to respond to a question. Wouldn’t it be great if Slack could just …
  • Getting Started With Next.js
    Donnerstag 13:00 at Articles on Smashing Magazine — For Web Designers And Developers
    Next.js is a React framework that is bound to ease your life as a React developer by abstracting away the common and redundant tasks (such as routing) into relatively simpler and powerful APIs. That w …
  • A Primer on the Different Types of Browser Storage
    Mittwoch 16:41 Ido Shamun at CSS-Tricks
    In back-end development, storage is a common part of the job. Application data is stored in databases, files in object storage, transient data in caches… there are seemingly endless possibilities for …

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