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  • Körpersprache im Vorstellungsgespräch: In den Augen der Bewerber lesen
    Sonntag 9:25 Michael Kaune at COMPUTERWOCHE: Online-Artikel, Online-News
    Ein Bewerbungsgespräch liefert nicht nur Informationen zur fachlichen Qualifikation des Bewerbers. Sehr aufschlussreich und absolut entscheidend ist seine Körpersprache. Was Mimik und Gestik über den …
  • Smartphone: Die besten kostenlosen Fitness-Apps
    Sonntag 9:00 Steffen Zellfelder at COMPUTERWOCHE: Online-Artikel, Online-News
    Mit dem Smartphone geht es besser, das gilt auch für das Fitness-Training: Mit diesen kostenlosen Android-Apps macht regelmäßiger Sport richtig Laune. Mehr Fitness und eine verbesserte Kondition sind …
  • Software: PDFs umwandeln in Word & Co.
    Sonntag 8:22 Roland Freist at COMPUTERWOCHE: Online-Artikel, Online-News
    PDF ist das Standardformat für den Austausch von Dokumenten, da es sich aus nahezu jedem Textprogramm heraus erzeugen lässt. Doch was tun, wenn ein PDF mit Word oder LibreOffice bearbeitet werden soll …
  • Studie Machine Learning Teil 2: Videos und Tutorials der Woche
    Sonntag 7:08 COMPUTERWOCHE: Online-Artikel, Online-News
    Diese Woche zeigen wir wie Machine Learning und künstliche Intelligenz bei Siemens und Lufthansa Industry Solutions zum Einsatz kommen. Außerdem versucht Stefan Gössel, Partner von Reply, Trends für K …
  • Mobiles Betriebssystem: iOS 12: Vor diesen Herausforderungen steht das System
    Samstag 11:59 Peter Müller at COMPUTERWOCHE: Online-Artikel, Online-News
    Bis zu der WWDC bleiben noch zwei Wochen, erste Betas von iOS 12 werden intern ausprobiert. Was wir vom neuen Betriebssystem für iPhone und iPad erwarten.
  • Apple Accessability: Apple zeigt seine Bedienungshilfen für unterschiedliche Szenarien
    Samstag 11:30 Thomas Hartmann at COMPUTERWOCHE: Online-Artikel, Online-News
    Für Beeinträchtigungen und Behinderungen verschiedenster Art hat Apple Lösungen bereit und präsentiert diese übersichtlich auf der eigenen Website.

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  • How Programming is Evolving
    Sonntag 14:01 Robert Cordray at Feed
    Technology has transformed the world into a synchronized global village. The ever-changing world of technology has increased the pace in which software development is evolving. In fact, software and a …
  • Pentagon-Funded Project Will 'Solve' Cellphone Identity Verification Within Two Years
    Sonntag 13:34 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    Long-time Slashdot reader Zorro quotes Nextgov: The Defense Department is funding a project that officials say could revolutionize the way companies, federal agencies and the military itself verify th …
  • AI And The Future Of Banking
    Sonntag 12:01 Bhushan Aher at Feed
    Introduction Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) is one sector that has been going through continuous technological disruptions. Every few months, a new trend is being adopted by this se …
  • Running the TICK Stack on Windows
    Sonntag 11:01 Noah Crowley at Feed
    Every now and then we get requests from a developer using Windows, or a Windows-using participant at one of our workshops or events. Windows support is considered „experimental“ for all components exc …
  • People Hate Canada's New 'Amber Alert' System
    Sonntag 9:34 EditorDavid at Slashdot
    The CBC reports: When the siren-like sounds from an Amber Alert rang out on cellular phones across Ontario on Monday, it sparked a bit of a backlash against Canada’s new mobile emergency alert system. …
  • Shared Variable Optimization Within a Loop
    Sonntag 7:01 Ionut Balosin at Feed
    Recently I attended the GeeCon Krakow conference, and during one of the talks, the famous Venkat Subramaniam shared an interesting small application which captured my attention and got stuck in my min …

Web Development News

  • Weekly News for Designers № 437
    Sonntag 10:08 Speckyboy Editors at Speckyboy Web Design Magazine
    This week’s Designer News (N.437) includes Make Frontend Sh!t Again, What’s New in Material Design, Handy Spreadsheet Templates for Designers, an Interactive CSS Grid Tool, New CSS Features That Are C …
  • Foreword for CSS In Depth
    Freitag 21:13 Chris Coyier at CSS-Tricks
    Keith Grant recently released a brand new book on CSS: CSS in Depth. If you’re looking for a book focused specifically on learning CSS, you’ve found it. I was happy to write the foreword for it, which …
  • Get to Know React's New Context API
    Freitag 17:00 Sarah Jorgenson at
    In a world where there are lots of different front-end frameworks, it’s always hard to know which one to pick. Do I want to use the ever popular Angular? Or would diving into VueJS be beneficial to…
  • Unicode Patterns
    Freitag 16:19 Chris Coyier at CSS-Tricks
    These Unicode patterns by Yuan Chuan are extraordinarily clever. It’s a custom web component that sets up a CSS grid and randomizes what character to drop into a cell and things, like color. See all t …
  • Custom List Number Styling
    Freitag 16:16 Chris Coyier at CSS-Tricks
    How about a classic CSS trick! This isn’t even so tricky anymore, since CSS has counter-increment and counter-reset and such that is perfect for this. I just wanted to make sure you knew how it works …
  • The Future Is Here! Augmented And Virtual Reality Icon Set
    Freitag 15:45 at Articles on Smashing Magazine — For Web Designers And Developers
    What once sounded like science fiction has become a reality: All you need is to grab a VR headset or simply use your web browser and you suddenly find yourself in an entirely different place, a differ …

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