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  • Greenland's Ice Sheet Melting Seven Times Faster Than In 1990s
    Mittwoch 4:30 BeauHD at Slashdot
    An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: Greenland’s ice sheet is melting much faster than previously thought, threatening hundreds of millions of people with inundation and bringing som …
  • Researchers Report Breakthrough In 'Distributed Deep Learning'
    Mittwoch 3:30 BeauHD at Slashdot
    Using a divide-and-conquer approach that leverages the power of compressed sensing, computer scientists from Rice University and Amazon have shown they can slash the amount of time and computational r …
  • Sony Announces Plan To Publish PlayStation Games On Non-PS Consoles
    Mittwoch 3:00 BeauHD at Slashdot
    Sony has announced plans to launch PlayStation games on „additional console platforms beyond PlayStation platforms as early as 2021.“ The first announced series for the change is Sony’s long-running b …
  • Nikon Is Killing Its Authorized Repair Program
    Mittwoch 2:30 BeauHD at Slashdot
    According to iFixit, Nikon is ending its authorized repair program next year, „likely leaving more than a dozen repair shops without access to official parts and tools, and cutting the number of place …
  • Vietnam's Richest Man Bets $2 Billion To Sell Cars To Americans
    Mittwoch 1:50 BeauHD at Slashdot
    An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: The billionaire behind six-month-old Vietnamese auto startup VinFast plans a feat even Toyota and Hyundai couldn’t pull off during their early days: …
  • Chrome Now Warns You When Your Password Has Been Stolen
    Mittwoch 1:10 BeauHD at Slashdot
    Google is rolling out Chrome 79, and it includes a number of password protection improvements. The Verge reports: The biggest addition is that Chrome will now warn you when your password has been stol …

Web Development News

  • Making a Better Custom Select Element
    Mittwoch 1:40 Chris Coyier at CSS-Tricks
    We just covered The Current State of Styling Selects in 2019, but we didn’t get nearly as far and fancy as Julie Grundy gets here. There is a decent chunk of JavaScript that powers it, so I’m still ve …
  • One CMS, Infinite Possibilities
    Mittwoch 1:40 Geoff Graham at CSS-Tricks
    (This is a sponsored post.) Have you ever looked at a site and knew exactly what CMS powers it? You might see a distinctive design aesthetic that gives it away. Or maybe it’s something even less obvio …
  • Quoting in HTML: Quotations, Citations, and Blockquotes
    Dienstag 16:22 John Rhea at CSS-Tricks
    It’s all too common to see the incorrect HTML used for quotes in markup. In this article, let’s dig into all this, looking at different situations and different HTML tags to handle those situations. T …
  • Building A CSS Layout: Live Stream With Rachel Andrew
    Dienstag 11:30 at Articles on Smashing Magazine — For Web Designers And Developers
    We’re opening up our Smashing TV webinars to everyone, and today you’re welcome to follow along as Rachel Andrew builds a layout using CSS Grid and Flexbox. In the session, Rachel will be building a c …
  • Struggling To Get A Handle On Traffic Surges
    Dienstag 11:00 at Articles on Smashing Magazine — For Web Designers And Developers
    (This is a sponsored article.) When a traffic spike hits, you want your website to be able to ride the wave instead of drown beneath it. But how do you do that without constantly overspending on serve …
  • Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Smaller Web Design Projects
    Dienstag 10:59 Eric Karkovack at Speckyboy Design Magazine
    By and large, web designers are very passionate about their job. That stands out in contrast to most other industries. But when it comes to the bottom line, web design… The post Why You Shouldn’t Ig …

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