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  • Weekly News for Designers № 446
    Sonntag 10:41 Speckyboy Editors at Speckyboy Web Design Magazine
    This week’s Designer News (N.446) includes Dark UX Patterns in Advertising, a Playground for Variable Fonts, The DIV That Looks Different in Every Browser, Teutonic CSS, Free Cunia Font, How to Build …
  • Your Body Text is Too Small
    Samstag 5:37 Robin Rendle at CSS-Tricks
    Several years ago, there was a big push by designers to increase the font-size of websites and I feel like we’re living in another era of accessibility improvements where a fresh batch of designers ar …
  • Font Playground
    Freitag 21:29 Robin Rendle at CSS-Tricks
    This is a wondrous little project by Wenting Zhang that showcases a series of variable fonts and lets you manipulate their settings to see the results. It’s interesting that there’s so many tools like …
  • Weird things variable fonts can do
    Freitag 21:28 Chris Coyier at CSS-Tricks
    I tend to think of variable fonts as a font format in which a single font file is capable of displaying type at near-infinite variations of things like boldness, width, and slantyness. In my experienc …
  • Building “Renderless” Vue Components
    Freitag 16:00 Samuel Oloruntoba at CSS-Tricks
    There’s this popular analogy of Vue that goes like this: Vue is what you get when React and Angular come together and make a baby. I’ve always shared this feeling. With Vue’s small learning curve, it‘ …
  • Webfonts And Performance: SmashingConf Videos
    Freitag 14:35 at Articles on Smashing Magazine — For Web Designers And Developers
    Webfonts are difficult to get right. An often overlooked and disruptive piece of web performance, webfonts can slow down your site and leave your visitors confused and agitated. No one wants agitated …

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