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  • Vollausstatter liefert Equipment für den End-to-End-Netzbau: Nokia goes Enterprise
    Donnerstag 8:36 Jürgen Hill at COMPUTERWOCHE: Online-Artikel, Online-News, International
    Seit dem Jahreswechsel 2018/2019 haben Unternehmenskunden beim Netzausbau wieder mehr Auswahl: Neben Huawei mischt Nokia nun mit seiner Enterprise Business Group als zweiter Vollausstatter im Netzwerk …
  • Tipps für die Jobsuche: Wie Sie mit Absagen umgehen
    Donnerstag 8:24 Susanne Köppler at COMPUTERWOCHE: Online-Artikel, Online-News, International
    Fachkräftemangel hin oder her – die Jobsuche kann auch für Informatiker zu einem sehr langwierigen und unangenehmen Prozess werden. Manch einem mag es so vorkommen, als ob er sich nur bewirbt, um Absa …
  • Robotic Process Automation: So gelingt Ihr RPA-Projekt
    Donnerstag 8:14 Peter Gißmann at COMPUTERWOCHE: Online-Artikel, Online-News, International
    Die Automatisierung von Front- und Backoffice-Prozessen mit Robotic Process Automation (RPA) ist für viele Unternehmen eine realistische Option geworden. Lesen Sie, was dabei in der Praxis zu beachten …
  • Need for Speed: So bringen Sie Tempo in Ihre Digitale Transformation
    Donnerstag 8:13 Ömer Atiker at COMPUTERWOCHE: Online-Artikel, Online-News, International
    In der digitalen Transformation ist weniger oft mehr. Lesen Sie hier, wie Sie in der Digitalisierung schneller werden und warum Pappe Geschwindigkeit bedeutet.
  • Rückkehr zur Normalität: 2019: Die Entmystifizierung der digitalen Transformation
    Donnerstag 7:53 Oliver Laitenberger at COMPUTERWOCHE: Online-Artikel, Online-News, International
    Unternehmen investieren derzeit hohe Summen in ihre digitalen Transformationen. Abgeleitet aus Digitalstrategien trifft die gemalte, schöne neue Digitalwelt auf die harte Umsetzungsrealität. Vereinfac …
  • Expertise zum Streamen: Die wundersame Welt des Netzwerkrands
    Donnerstag 7:23 COMPUTERWOCHE: Online-Artikel, Online-News, International
    Edge Computing – Nur ein neues Buzzword oder gekommen, um zu bleiben? Hören Sie selbst!

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  • Integration Testing in Spring Boot
    Donnerstag 8:01 Rajesh Bhojwani at Feed
    Overview When we talk about integration testing for a spring boot application, it is all about running an application in ApplicationContext and run tests. Spring Framework does have a dedicated test m …
  • Next-Gen Master Data Management Runs at the Speed of Now [Infographic]
    Donnerstag 8:01 Navneet Manthur at Feed
    Having a lot of data to mine from is a truly beautiful thing. But many businesses today struggle with data — especially as it grows and becomes more complex— that’s stored in different data repositori …
  • The Data-Driven Future of Healthcare
    Donnerstag 8:01 Adi Gaskell at Feed
    Over the last few years, I’ve written repeatedly about both the tremendous value society can derive from better use of health data and the various challenges involved in doing so. It’s well-known that …
  • Collection 1 Data Breach Exposes More Than 772 Million Email Addresses
    Donnerstag 8:00 BeauHD at Slashdot
    A collection of almost 773 million unique email addresses and just under 22 million unique passwords were exposed on cloud service MEGA. Security researcher Troy Hunt said the collection of data, dubb …
  • Critically Evaluating Pros and Cons: ''But What If?''
    Donnerstag 7:05 Alan Richardson at Feed
    I see a lot of „pro and con“ posts and questions on the internet. They often lack any context behind why the pros and cons are identified as such, so I find it hard to use them directly. Pro/Con Artic …
  • Amplify Agile With DevOps
    Donnerstag 7:04 Christopher Lee at Feed
    Overview Agile and DevOps may seem like different movements, but if you look at their goals, you find that they are strikingly similar. Look at the value Agile and DevOps deliver. That is, look at the …

Web Development News

  • How I’ve Been Using Notion Personally and Professionally
    Mittwoch 23:53 Chris Coyier at CSS-Tricks
    I use Notion quite a bit, both personally and professionally. In a sense, it’s just an app for keeping documents in one place: little notes, to-do lists, basic spreadsheets, etc. I like the native mac …
  • What Happened to Visual Composer: The New Product & The New Name Sponsored
    Mittwoch 17:47 Speckyboy Editors at Speckyboy Web Design Magazine
    Visual Composer has been around for quite some time, but you might have noticed that you do not see the new name around anymore. So what happened to the Visual… The post What Happened to Visual Comp …
  • Making Movies With amCharts
    Mittwoch 16:44 Antanas Marcelionis at CSS-Tricks
    In this article, I want to show off the flexibility and real power of amCharts 4. We’re going to learn how to combine multiple charts that run together with animations that form a movie experience. Ev …
  • HTML5 Input Types: Where Are They Now?
    Mittwoch 14:30 at Articles on Smashing Magazine — For Web Designers And Developers
    One of the stand-out headline features of HTML5 for many designers and developers was the addition of a number of new types of form input that could be used. For years, we’d been confined to using sin …
  • Strategies to Improve Your Site’s Conversion Rate in 2019
    Dienstag 19:57 Vincent Sevilla at Speckyboy Web Design Magazine
    With a host of marketing channels available today, it’s easy for your website to take a backseat to all the trending platforms like Facebook marketing and paid stories. But your… The post Strategies …
  • How Well Do You Know CSS Layout?
    Dienstag 15:54 Brad Westfall at CSS-Tricks
    The difference between a CSS good experience and a long frustrating one is oftentimes a matter of a few small details. CSS is indeed nuanced. One of the most common areas where I see struggles is layo …

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