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  • Weekly News for Designers № 488
    Samstag 12:23 Speckyboy Editors at Speckyboy Design Magazine
    This week’s Designer News (№ 488) includes Debugging CSS Grid, Animating Links, Building a JavaScript Guitar Pedalboard, Found Color’s Accidental Color Schemes, UI Animation in React, PHP in 2019, The …
  • Footnotes That Work in RSS Readers
    Freitag 22:52 Chris Coyier at CSS-Tricks
    Feedbin is the RSS reader I’m using at the moment. I was reading one of Harry’s blog posts on it the other day, and I noticed a nice little interactive touch right inside Feedbin. There was a button-l …
  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About inputmode
    Freitag 18:40 Christian Oliff at CSS-Tricks
    The inputmode global attribute provides a hint to browsers for devices with onscreen keyboards to help them decide which keyboard to display when a user has selected any input or textarea element. Unl …
  • Recursive Array.flat
    Freitag 18:20 David Walsh at David Walsh Blog
    There was much talk about Array.prototype.flat during its early stages, starting with the name alone. Many developers preferred the name flatten but the spec differed from MooTools’ implementation. Mo …
  • Weekly news: PWA Issue on iOS, Performance Culture, Anti-Tracking in Browsers
    Freitag 16:30 Šime Vidas at CSS-Tricks
    In this week’s news: resolving an issue when restarting progressive web apps in iOS, why The Telegraph now vets all scripts before they make it to their codebase, and Microsoft plans to add tracking p …
  • Monthly Web Development Update 5/2019: Over-Complication And Performative Workaholism
    Freitag 14:24 at Articles on Smashing Magazine — For Web Designers And Developers
    This week, I was at the amazing beyondtellerrand conference once again, and every single time I come home from such an event, I try to understand our industry and our society better. There’s so much i …

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