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  • Facebook Removes QAnon Conspiracy Group With 200,000 Members
    Samstag 5:30 BeauHD at Slashdot
    An anonymous reader quotes a report from the BBC: Facebook has deleted a large group dedicated to sharing and discussing QAnon conspiracy theories. QAnon is a wide-ranging, unfounded conspiracy theory …
  • Microsoft Signals Renewed Interest In Windows With Latest Reshuffle
    Samstag 4:02 BeauHD at Slashdot
    Microsoft is making some significant changes to the way it runs its Windows organization this week, signaling a renewed focus on the operating system that made its name. The Verge reports: The softwar …
  • Coronavirus Clobbers Uber, Leading To $1.8 Billion Quarterly Loss
    Samstag 3:25 BeauHD at Slashdot
    In the second quarter of 2020, Uber announced that its ride-hailing business plunged by 75 percent compared with a year earlier — from $12.2 billion to $3 billion. „That was offset somewhat by rapid …
  • Microsoft Accuses Apple of Treating Gaming Apps Differently
    Samstag 2:45 BeauHD at Slashdot
    Hour after Apple explained why Microsoft’s xCloud wouldn’t be coming to iOS, Microsoft shot back and accused the company of „consistently treating gaming apps differently.“ AppleInsider reports: On We …
  • Trump Blew Up More Than Just TikTok and WeChat
    Samstag 2:03 BeauHD at Slashdot
    An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to ban dealings with ByteDance, owner of video-sharing sensation TikTok, appears to codify what his administr …
  • Firefox Gets Fix For Evil Cursor Attack
    Samstag 1:25 msmash at Slashdot
    Firefox has fixed a bug that was being exploited in the wild by tech support scammers to create artificial mouse cursors and prevent users from easily leaving malicious sites. From a report: The bug w …

Web Development News

  • Nailing the Perfect Contrast Between Light Text and a Background Image
    Freitag 23:48 Yaphi Berhanu at CSS-Tricks
    Have you ever come across a site where light text is sitting on a light background image? If you have, you’ll know how difficult that is to read. A popular way to avoid that is to use a transparent ov …
  • More Control Over CSS Borders With background-image
    Freitag 23:48 Chris Coyier at CSS-Tricks
    You can make a typical CSS border dashed or dotted. For example: .box { border: 1px dashed black; border: 3px dotted red; } You don’t have all that much control over how big or long the dashes or gaps …
  • What does 100% mean in CSS?
    Freitag 21:08 Robin Rendle at CSS-Tricks
    When using percentage values in CSS like this… .element { margin-top: 40%; } …what does that % value mean here? What is it a percentage of? There’ve been so many times when I’ll be using percentages a …
  • Every Website is an Essay
    Freitag 16:38 Robin Rendle at CSS-Tricks
    Every website that’s made me oooo and aaahhh lately has been of a special kind; they’re written and designed like essays. There’s an argument, a playfulness in the way that they’re not so much selling …
  • font-weight: 300 considered harmful
    Freitag 16:38 Chris Coyier at CSS-Tricks
    Tomáš Janoušek: Many web pages these days set font-weight: 300 in their stylesheet. With DejaVu Sans as my preferred font, this results in very thin and light text that is hard to read, because for so …
  • How To Create A Porsche 911 With Sketch (Part 3)
    Freitag 12:00 at Articles on Smashing Magazine — For Web Designers And Developers
    We continue our tutorial with the wheels of our Porsche 911 car, but before we proceed with the next steps, I’d like to shine the spotlight on the famous Fuchs wheels that were designed in the shape o …

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